To Listen, or not to Listen...

Before you take a trip, it is always a good idea to talk to friends who have been to the destination, and pick their brains for tips and ideas of what to do, and the best places to stay and eat. Especially if you have a lot in common with them, or travel the same way, their advice can be invaluable.
One word of caution.  When someone tells you the name of a hotel where you just have to stay, or a restaurant that is the best restaurant in town, you always have to remember that destinations are not static, and the latest and greatest thing to see when you friend visited may not be the latest and greatest thing now.
New hotels pop up or older properties go through extensive renovations almost every year in virtually every city in the world.
So, by all means, talk to your friends, but always stay open to your own adventure.

Perception Versus Reality

We travel to places that we perceive to be safe and desirable and limit our travel experiences to exclude places that we perceive as unsafe and undesirable. 
Sometimes this is because the perception has not caught up with reality.  Such was my realization during a recent research trip to Nicaragua.  Once a civil war torn nation, Nicaragua has become the darling of the travel industry in Central America.  
Recently named by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the Top 10 destinations to watch in 2014 and considered a safe haven in Central America by The Economist, Nicaragua possesses abundant natural verdant beauty, incredible volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, UNESCO colonial towns, excellent paved roads, lovely people, and up-and-coming gay-friendly boutique to ultra luxury hotels, and is less than a 2.5 hour flight from the USA. All of this at very affordable prices.  Look for our upcoming trip to Nicaragua!  

What Goes into Planning Our Gay Group Tours

Creating the most amazing trips in the world for a discerning group of gays, their family and friends, is no small feat.  Our travelers are well travelled and are always wanting the latest, best, trendiest and most sought after destination.  
As LGBT travelers we are used to being pioneers. With that in mind Zoom scours the world not only for the most up and coming destinations but for how to take Zoomers there in comfort, style and safety.  In the last years Zoom has flown to far away places like Japan, South Africa, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil (usually at the invitation of governments ready to welcome the gay traveller) just to name a few, to meet with hotels, and local guides, to taste the local cuisine and find just the right place for our Signature Zoom Events.  
Every Zoom destination is well researched personally by me and or Bryan Herb, Zoom's co-owners.  No detail is a mere coincidence.  No Zoom trip will be offered without our seal of approval.