New at Zoom Vacations

Zoom Vacations is constantly fine tuning trips to make them better and better each time.  Some changes and additions are subtle but significant.  Here is a list of current and upcoming changes to our roster of award winning trips:
Zoom China - Upgraded hotel location on the iconic riverside Bund. Great shopping area and great river and skyline views of the Bund from our new hotel in Shanghai.
Zoom Argentina - Added an insider tour of the Teatro Colon to the itinerary.  If you have even been to the Paris Opera House, you won't want to miss this. The welcome dinner is now at one of the top restaurants in South America, which was likened by one guest to Alinea in Chicago, considered the world's best restaurant.
Zoom Rio Carnaval - Now this trip includes Samdadrome tickets for the main Carnaval parade.
Zoom New Years - A Zoom Lounge will be available on Ipanema Beach with beverages and snacks while you sun tan and watch the hot Cariocas enjoy the beach. Also, a private Corcovado tour has been added to the itinerary.
Zoom Southern Africa August - Cape Town upgraded hotel and confirmed dinner reservations at the hard to get in Test Kitchen.
Zoom Peru - Confirmed dinner reservations at some of the best restaurants in town such as Central and Astrid & Gaston.
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The mystery behind Brazil's "super berry"

If you have been to Brazil, you have likely seen people walking around, eating a dark purple thick "drink" with spoons out of cups.  Or maybe you have tried it yourself. Whatever the case, acai has become very famous in the past few years.

The acai berry is an inch-long reddish, purple fruit, which grows on the acai palm tree, native to Central and South America. 

When you buy it as a drink, it generally comes frozen in packets and is then mixed with sugar and/or other fruit, before handed over to you.

While it has been touted for having better antioxidant properties than any other fruit and for possibly aiding in such things as weight loss, studies are ongoing, so the jury is still out.  One thing is certain, it is one of the few things for which I get hunger pains when back in the States.  I absolutely love it.