Travel Inspires Creativity

A few days ago, towards the end of our tour in Morocco, our group got to visit the new Yves Saint Laurent museum and Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. 


Strolling through the beautiful museum, full of memorabilia, photographs, and most importantly, his iconic designs, one quickly sees how much his time in Morocco affected his designs, which naturally had great outreach and influence throughout the rest of the world. 

For our group, it was a definite reminder that travel is a powerful cog in the wheel of creativity. 

As American motivational author, Louise Lynn Hay said, "People who have a limited life have a very limited understanding. They see things in black and white, yes or no, and they are usually motivated by fear or guilt.  Allow your understanding to grow, and you will have a larger, more compassionate view of life.

Yves Saint Laurent's designs were inventive, imaginative, and beautiful, and his lasting legacy is a reminder of what it means to live a limitless life, honoring your personal truth and your fullest expression.

Wine Tasting in the Midwest

Wine Tasting in the Midwest

Napa and Sonoma may have all the fame and popularity, but wine regions like the Leelanau Peninsula are gaining notoriety, and are creating great wines, perfectly accessible for a weekend of wine tasting in the Midwest!  Zoom Vacations' Bryan Herb appeared on WCIU's "The Jam" to discuss wine tasting in the Midwest.

Month #2 of a year of Contemplation: Grudges

On safari, animals get into small "fights" and shake it off like nothing. They literally shake it off, as if getting rid of the energy. We've all seen our pets do this...

Safari animals don't get their feelings hurt, and they don't seek revenge.


Why can't humans master this? In a general sense, is our insistence on holding grudges what is dividing our country and world?

BTW: the next time someone makes you upset, physically shake it off, and see how you feel.