Zoom Traveler Testimonials and Photos

Nothing says it better than our travelers

I had the good fortune of meeting Joel Cabrera here in New York during PRIDE and I said that if I ever went to Brazil, which I have been dying (my hair) to do for years, that I would give him a call.  Fate stepped in and I had the best vacation ever.
~Carson Kressley, New York City


Thanks Bryan and Zoom! It was a once in a lifetime experience that we'll never forget. So sad to see it end, but we return home with many new friends.
~Gary, NYC


What a great trip!! Thank you Bryan for all your hard work. This Zoom group was one of the most cohesive and fun groups of the six Zoom trips I've experienced. Of course who couldn't have fun rooming with both John and Rick! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I'm still finding and scratching bug bites I didn't even know I had!!
~Bob, Miami.


The vacation was amazing. It moved to the top of our experiences. The places, people, and the ACCOMMODATIONS!!!
~Tony, Atlanta


Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Tony and I both enjoyed the trip. The places we saw were amazing and I still can't comprehend all we did and saw in the last 2 weeks. The safari portion of the trip was our favorite.  We enjoyed getting to know you and others and hope to travel with Zoom in the future.
~Dan, Atlanta


It was an awesome, unforgettable experience. I loved it. This entire vacation has been fantastic. Thank you.
~Rick, NYC


Thank you so much for making it such a special trip for us! We had a great time with everything.
~Turner, HobokenNew Jersey


I will never forget the trip. It was amazing. Thanks again
~Brad, Maplewood, New Jersey


I have been meaning to write you to say a huge thank you for such a fabulous African adventure.  Thank you again for everything you did to make our experience so extremely memorable!  A big hug.
~John Pacific Palisades 


What a terrific trip!  Zoom Vacations put together a truly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we enjoyed every minute.  I'm just now working on my photos -- but here's one of my favorites from the week.  It's the tobacco farmer in Vinales, and I managed to capture that perfect combination of lighting and subject.  Really says it all.  Will send along others shortly.  Thanks again for an amazing trip!
~Brian, Palm Springs


I love your trips. My husband Sam and I are always telling our friends about the true value of traveling with Zoom. At first glance a few of them who have never gone on Zoom trip tell us that they can do it cheaper. I try not to shake my head as I say to them that the only thing that is truly "cheaper" is their overall experience. When one adds up all the items that Zoom does, you save money, and have a much more enjoyable time. The analogy I like to give is buying a new car. You might think buying one (Zoom) is expensive. Try buying every single part individually (a Zoom copycat trip), and pay to have them put together...and see which way is more affordable.

Firstly, when you factor in all that Zoom does, the getting you to and from the different locations during the trip. We don't have to worry about the costs of hiring a van or getting on a small bus with total strangers who may give us "side-eye" if they figure out that we are "family." We also know that every guide we have ever had with all our Zoom vacations (Rio for Carnival, Stockholm/Finland/St. Petersburg, Australia for Gay Mardi Gras, Peru - Machu Picchu/Lake TiticacaCroatia/Venice has been very top-notch. If we had to hire a driver or tour guide on our own it would be take work to investigate who is educated on the subject at hand, and worth the money.

Secondly, Zoom gets you into so many places that you wouldn't know about, couldn't get access to, and if you did the cost would most likely be very cost prohibitive.

Bryan and Joel are like Jedi travel masters when it comes to juggling planned activities when weather or unforeseen complications (or these types of things) happen. So we sit back and let them handle it while we just enjoy the perks of not having to worry about the things...possibly drinking, playing cards, or chatting and laughing with new friends.
~Lou, Chicago


Not a day goes by that we aren't sharing out Africa pics with someone (today it was our realtor) and our recommendation to try Zoom. We are huge fans!!
~Eric, San Francisco


Dear Zoom Vacations,
We can never thank you enough for the most incredible week and enchanted evening. It would not have been anything like that if we had done it on our own. Your thoughtful attention to detail and love will be cherished forever. We wish you many, many toasts! You deserve them!
~Ron & Jim, Boulder and Palm Springs

I just wanted to say thanks for planning our trip to Quebec City for the Travel Channel. It rocked, we had such a blast, and the castle was AMAZING! The people are so cool too!  Thanks again!
~Alicia, Chicago

Nick and I do not know how to thank you enough for making Nick's 40th absolutely perfect. We thank you for your hard work, your dedication and most of all your patience. The extremely positive feedback is coming our way and we just got back last night. Something must have gone right when a week later neither of us can talk about it without crying. Your attention to detail in the preplanning stages made the experience on-site an enjoyable one. Your ability to listen to us, yet speak up when necessary was crucial. Overall the entire weekend exceeded our expectations. And you know us well enough to know we have very high expectations.

Ric , New York

We wanted to go to Brazil for New Years, and chance smiled. We really liked the mix of freedom, side trips “à la carte”, and quality of the product. And of course the fun is a winning factor It’s really nice to be part of a group where communication is easy and natural, and meeting people from all over the world is fascinating.
~John, France

Before the trip even began, I was truly amazed by the thoroughness of the itinerary. When we arrived in Spain, I was constantly blown away by the attention to every detail. I have never traveled like this before, and now I'm hooked. It was certainly one of the best trips I have ever taken.
~Jesse, LA

Man, did we have fun on your fantastic trip to africa, you did a great job planning it, THANKS!
~Richard, Atlanta

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
Besides the amazing array of activities on my trip, the best thing about my vacation was the friendships I made. I also gained two new clients for Mark Ramsay Company. Thank you for everything! I can't wait for my next Zoom vacation!
~Mark, New York City

When I asked Bryan and Joel to help plan my 40th birthday celebration almost a year ago, little did I know that my most spectacular imaginings of the event could not even come close to the extraordinary week that I and twenty of my friends experienced in Costa Rica.  Not only were the Accommodations and events carefully selected to appeal to the group's tastes and desires, the details were so thoughtful and personal, that my guests and I felt warmed and embraced throughout the entire trip. It was a once in a lifetime event, with memories that I will forever cherish.  Without sounding cliche, the trip was magical thanks to the efforts of Bryan and Joel.  Thanks, guys, for creating that magic.
~Keith, New York City/Dallas
Just a quick note to let you know how much fun we had in Brazil. THANK YOU for doing such a fantastic job for us. Your planning and the choices you made were perfect, but it was the personal touches, your warmth, and the ease with which you handled each day that really made a lasting impression with us. There had to be a lot of behind-the-scenes stress that you never showed, and that is truly amazing considering the detail involved, and the high expectations of your clientele.
~John and Jeff, Detroit

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a fantastic itinerary and trip to Rio. It was truly one of the best vacations I have had in several years....the weather, the activities, and the people too...a really nice group of people came together for the trip. You guys really out did (is that a word?) yourselves on the activities. I'll definitely be giving you a glowing review to anyone who asks about my experience with your travel company.
~Greg, New York City

At least I still have my Brazilian tan to show for the phenomenal time that you guys provided for all of us. I can't thank you guys enough for all of the amazing care and special touches you thought of to bring the year to a great end and to make the new year start off in the best possible way!
~Will, LA

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
I can't thank you enough. another amazing trip! You always make me feel comfortable traveling with Zoom. Beautiful Accommodations, fun packed itinerary and wonderful people on your trips--more friends to my circle :) RIO new years, Amsterdam Gay Pride and South Africa New Years again (Wow). Can't wait to see what you have lined up for Peru.     
~Tom, New Jersey

I had a great time in Cuba. I'm still sifting through the photos and dreaming about being back in Havana. I hope you get a chance to visit the island before it gets put out of reach.
Thanks for a great vacation!
~Bob, San Francisco

Dear Zoom, I originally booked with you because you have a nice web site and it is easy to maneuver through. The staff is so personable and does follow-up with clients. The tour offerings are abundant and flexible, and prices are reasonable. "You get your money's worth" as people say here.
During the trip, Zoom staff was accessible, friendly, and personable and participated in all aspects of the tour. I have been with other tour operators and in some cases you rarely see some of the staff.
Thank you for everything you did to make this special.
~Tim, Atlanta

I just wanted to give you an official thank you for your work on my vacation in Barcelona, Spain and my tour of Rome. We had SO much fun! The hotel in Barcelona was everything I anticipated and expected. The location was perfect for me and they made us feel very at home.
Being in Rome for just one day, the use of your tour guide was the best thing I could have ever done. Not only did we cover all the ground/sights I wanted, but we had a car as well. And, since our guide was bilingual, it made ordering lunch a lot easier! I gotta tell ya, she was AWESOME! Actually, everything was. Thank you so much for making this a really special vacation for us.
~Joseph, Chicago

Thanks for everything on this trip - we all agreed that Zoom did a great job. You´re sure to get a great word of mouth.
~Drew, San Francisco

Our recent trip to Australia had it all. From hiking up on the city's signature bridge for a view of the magnificent summer sunset, to dining alfresco while looking out to a view of the Opera House, to cocktails at the city's hottest bar set high on a cliff overlooking the rugged ocean and surrounded by the likes of Naomi Watts, this trip really blew me away. 
This was just day one of my trip to Sydney. The Zoom experience is unparalleled. My job is demanding and keeps me so busy, that I really value convenience - but at a high standard. Most companies can't deliver as they try to appeal to the lowest common denominator. But I've finally found one that can not only meet my expectations but exceed it in every possible way. Thank you for such a memorable experience!
~James, LA

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
We want to thank you for a much needed and wonderful vacation in Rio. We had an amazing time! You sure do know how to put together an incredible adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives. The itinerary of events, the friendships and the amazing men made for an experience we would recommend to everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Meade, Miami

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
Thanks for organizing a great time in Rio. We both had a fun and relaxing time. We’re not the best tourists as we often like to do our own thing, at our own pace. But your organization allowed us to do just that, so thank you for making our Rio Adventure another great experience.
~Steve and Greg, Wisconsin

To say that the trip to Peru was a life changing experience is not an exaggeration! From the first day everything was better than anticipated. After 26 years of traveling as a couple with my partner, this was the first trip I have taken alone.

I immediately felt a part of the group and I know that the tour director [Bryan] had a lot to do with the way we all came together as a group with no one feeling isolated. The entire itinerary was a wonderful display of a beautiful country. The balance of activities and free time was perfect. I especially like the morning schedule. We actually had time to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

I delayed writing this so it wouldn’t be knee-jerk enthusiasm. After several weeks I still feel every part of this trip was worth every dime. And it truly did change me. I came home with a new confidence and comfort in being a single man. I will love my late partner forever, but only now do I feel I can enjoy all the things we used to enjoy together and really move on in life.

Again, Bryan, thank you and the Zoom Vacations® staff for putting together such a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to another Zoom Vacation!
~Patrick, N. Minneapolis, MN

We work with thousands of suppliers worldwide, and have to tell you that Zoom Vacations® creates an unforgettable experience, which we proudly see happening in our hotels. Your customized adventures go far beyond the average holiday. I tell everyone, Zoom Vacations®’ commitment to their travelers is second to none!
~Edward Farwick, Director of Sales & Marketing NH Hotels Worldwide

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
Got home last night - and wanted to tell you that you put on an amazing show. The week in Prague was spectacular; congratulations and thank you so much for everything.
~Joel, LA

Dear Zoom Vacations®,
I wanted to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart… that was the most fabulous trip. Everyone was just so happy with you guys! Again, thank you so much.
~Holt, Atlanta

Dear Zoom Vacations®
When I booked the trip through Zoom, I was a bit concerned, as it was very different than the typical go to your travel agent and get shiny brochures and leave with a printout and tickets.  But everything worked so great, and your communication was excellent that I soon forgot my concerns. The trip was awesome to say the least! 
~Chuck and Molly, Oregon

Dear Joel and Bryan, 
I wanted to thank you guys for another wonderful Zoom trip.  I want to tell you why I love traveling so much with Zoom.  The first reason is because you offer a unique experience when it comes to group travel in that there is no pressure or guilt to do what the group is doing.  I think that this allows each individual to customize their trip as they are experiencing it and to make it personal to them.  Not having the pressure to be with the group every second makes it really enjoyable when you are with people from the group.  Once again on this trip, I have met a number of awesome people that I hope to stay in touch with and would not hesitate to look up should I ever be passing through their cities.

I also love traveling with Zoom because you get to experience a little bit more than if you were to travel on your own.  It is like the old saying, "you get what you pay for."  And by that I mean, I think that it is possible to travel to the places that Zoom goes for less money but I think that the experiences would be less unique and less memorable as well.  As a prime example, I know a number of people that have been to Rio but I know very few that took a helicopter around the bay and the Jesus, that had a private party on Sugar loaf, or had a private beach party where you could hang glide and para-sail onto the beach with everyone cheering for you or anyone that went to an out of the way restaurant on top of a mountain range and had dinner as the sun was setting over the city and into the bay.  Those experiences are worth a premium!  And seriously, the VIP tickets to the Allegria party were worth every penny just for the drink line and the access to the fans, not including the hot guy feeding me grapes at 4 in the morning!  I mean if someone wants to sit on the beach and stare at hot people sure Rio can be done for less but if you want to go and experience the vibrancy of the city and really live in Rio for the time that you are there, the trip with you guys and Zoom is the way to do it.

Lastly, I like traveling with you guys because I like paying a single price and having you guys work out the details.  I know myself well enough that if I had to figure everything out on my own, I would save the $25 here and there by staying at a hotel 4 blocks off the beach but then I would miss the parade that takes place between 4:30 and 5:30 every night by staying at the beach.  And not having that experience would also take away from the splendor of the trip.  And it is the same no matter where I have been with you guys and Zoom.  For example, When I was in Peru with Zoom, I would never have stayed at the Monestario because I would have thought it was too expensive regardless of what it cost just because it is the "Best Hotel in South America."  Now though, having had that experience and remembering the grounds, the artwork, the food and the incredible atmosphere I am so glad that I stayed there because I may never get back to Peru but I will always have the memory of how magnificent it was to stay in such a unique and perfect place.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys thanks again and that I think you are doing a great job.  I believe what you do is hard because of how easy you make it for your travelers.  Hope to see you on another trip soon. 
~David, Washington, DC

Thanks again for the great time that we had in Amsterdam. Everything was well planned and executed. It was our pleasure to meet the both of you.
~John and Todd, Atlanta           

Hey boys,
Thank you so much for the most amazing vacation every in the history of the world.  John and I had a wonderful time and I can’t thank you enough for helping him plan our trip to Peru. I have told all of my friends about our trip and the great job you both did at planning all of the details!  I will treasure the memories, the people, and the experience forever!  While I can’t express in words the experience, I think you both know how much I enjoyed my time with you and our new friends in Peru. Again, thank you!!!
~Mark , San Francisco

The best part of a Zoom vacation is the comfort of traveling with friends.  Although there is sufficient history, culture and cuisine education it’s delivered in a refreshing Jack Kerouac familiarity opposed to a rigid dictation of factoids.  When traveling with Joel and Bryan there is a sense of exploring with locals who are eager to reveal the best in culinary delights, thrill seeking, ultimate relaxation and feasts for the eyes – of both the garcon and vista variety!  ~Charlie David, LA

Both Tim and I feel so privileged having had this opportunity to experience a Zoom Vacation, enjoying the bonding, and most important, to now call you both friends.
~Tony, Boca Raton

Zoom Vacations® went out of their way to make sure the trip was special. The necessary details were handled which made traveling easy. But, it was the special attention to details or special events that made this trip memorable. Whether it was the dinner in the bush or the visit to the village these are what made this trip, and the experience with Zoom Vacations®, unique. The thing that impressed me the most however, and the thing I be most often goes un-noticed, is the way Zoom paid attention to the experience of each person on the trip. There were a number of times when they paid special attention to people who they felt like needed it – whether it was just checking in to make sure the person was ok or making a point to engage them in conversation or give them space as needed. I can honestly say that Zoom went out of their way to care for the travelers on all levels.
~Bill, Washington DC

I am still riding on the high from the trip. It was fabulous. Peru really was magical for me. When you've wanted to go somewhere for such a long time, there is a chance that you will be let down or that your expectations have ballooned too high. That didn't happen - I came in hoping for the moon and I got it. You guys were great, and Laura was a fantastic guide -- I burst out crying when I said good-bye to her. And what a great group of fellow travelers, too -- I've been traveling alone for the past couple of years; it was delightful to meet new people and make good friends. It was a trip of a lifetime.
~Antay, Minneapolis

Thanks so much for an amazing trip. You and Joel are really a class act. Your love of travel and of the destinations you choose shows in all of the careful choosing of activities and venues, and in the incredible execution. Managing 30 'mos ain't easy! It was a truly memorable trip and is sure to be just the second of many.
~Steve , New York City

Hey Bryan and Joel,
Thanks again for putting together such a great trip to Peru.  I had a blast and I really appreciate all the hard work each of you put into making it all go so smoothly. I'm looking forward to keeping up with everybody.
~James, Washington DC

Thanks so much for such a wonderfull trip to Argentina, I had a great time and met some great people.  I loved it all the way.
~Felix, Nicaragua

David and I had traveled to Peru with Zoom last Thanksgiving, and had a great experience. Their attention to detail and creating an "extra-ordinary" special event is unique in the industry.  Both Bryan and Joel go out of their way to make sure that all guests have that "once-in-a-lifetime" experience and memory.
The trip [a private trip to South Africa for Sid, David, and their friends] exceeded all expectations, even after setting very high goals. I wanted each day to be better than the day experience that was just had, and we accomplished that for the entire 15 day trip.
Zoom is easy to work with, and Bryan and Joel work very well together.  They are excellent in working with you to create a very one-of-a-kind experience.
~Sid, Miami

It was truly a pleasure traveling with you and everything seemed to just work out perfectly. I am still in contact with many of the Condors and Jaguars.. and think we continue to relish the Peru experience we all shared. This trip had made an impact on me in several ways and I hope to revel in the experience for years to come.
~Rob, New York City

Good Morning, it's good to be home but I do wish we could still be out hiking the hills of Peru. We look forward to staying in contact with everyone. This group is exceptional. Thank you, for all or your efforts this was a great trip. I am finding it hard to describe what an incredible time we had.  I will look forward to seeing the photos you were able to get. Thank you again for a wonderful trip that we will never forget.
~Jeff and Ryan, San Luis Obispo

Once again you've outdone yourself...not only have you shown me the sites and sounds of the city of Buenos Aires and the roaring falls of Iguacu, but you've introduced me to another great group of people. Whether it'd be running along the river with Kris and Ernie, dancing with you, John and Felix at the clubs, drinking liquor with Laurence, quoting South Park with Bill or eating 4 hour meals with the boys, I have stories that will keep me smiling for quite a while. And the wine and beef were pretty tasty too!
~Paul, Chicago

We had a blast on the Peru vacation! Thanks again for organizing this wonderful trip!
~Michel & Pierre, Chicago

Dear Bryan and Joel, 
Again we say a huge thank you to both of you and your team for such a wonderful trip.  You made it seem so effortless.  The both of you are such tremendous Hosts.  I say that because you were more than tour guides.  It was as though you invited us along on your vacation and we were your guests.  You made us all feel so at home and at ease.  We look forward to taking another trip with you in the future. 
~Tim, Boca Raton

Bryan ,
Just want to give a belated thank you for all you did on the recent trip to Argentina .  The people, sights, food, and wine were all wonderful.  You and the local guides Marcelo and Ciro were knowledgeable about the areas visited which really enhanced the experience for us all. You’re a special person with a good heart and kind actions.
~Perry, LA

Joel & Bryan,
 It's very difficult to summarize our Peruvian Trip in a few sentences; however, Adrian and I had the most exciting and energizing trip ever.   We truly admire the organization and the endless details provided by both of you throughout our trip. We are definitely hooked on Zoom Vacations®......
We had the opportunity to come in contact with a fascinating culture, food and an extremely harmonious group of people.   For all of that and more, THANK YOU.   We can't wait to book another trip, the problem is deciding where...  Decision, Decisions.....  Thanks again
~Leonel and Adrian, San Bernardino, CA

All I can say about my experience with Zoom and Rio is that my friends and family are sick and tired of my stories of how wonderful everything was.  You can hear it, read it or even see pictures/video, but it will never even come close to living it...thank you for an incredible memory!
~Mark, LA

Dear Bryan and Joel,
Please receive our thanks for arranging such a wonderful trip. In addition to making new friendships and enjoying Rio de Janeiro, you helped us make our seventh anniversary a happy occasion. We hope to see you in our travels in 2005.
~Alex and Matt, New York City

Dear Joel and Bryan,
I want to thank you for a marvelous trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended Zoom Vacations® to numerous people. I appreciate all the hard work you put into the adventure to make it one of the most pleasurable and memorable vacations I’ve ever had. I especially enjoyed all the new friends I met.
~Michael, New York City

Man, did I have a blast! Thanks for hanging with me and making this trip so great. I want to go again next year. I have been telling all my friends about how great Zoom Vacations® treated us and how they should take part.
~Juan, Phoenix

Thanks for putting together a terrific trip in Costa Rica for everyone.  It was great to just sit back and know that we were all in your capable and thinking-way-ahead hands.  I enjoyed getting to know you and hope to have more opportunities in the future.
 Thanks again for everything,
~Steven, NYC

You did a truly amazing job in organizing everything and making it such a fantastic celebration - what's more remarkable is that you did it with such joy and made it all seem so easy (but I know that requires an enormous amount of preparatory work!).
~Tony , Australia

The trip was wonderful and I am so glad I was able to join at the last moment. Thanks for all of your extra efforts to make the trip a success. Hope to join you on another Zoom vacation!
~Scott, NYC

It has been two months since our trip to Thailand and My husband and I are still talking about our trip. We truly felt like royalty throughout our trip. You really outdid yourselves, and we are ready for our next Zoom Vacation!
~Ofelia, Puerto Rico

All you need to do on a Zoom vacation is relax and enjoy!
I felt I was taking a big chance booking my vacation with a company I found on the internet, but my fears were put to rest right from the start. As soon as I spoke with Bryan and Joel I knew I did the right thing. Traveling alone can be difficult but they answered all my questions and I felt completely at ease. The airline arrangements were great; they even sat me next to Zoom vacationers on my flight. The hotel was friendly and convenient and I was greeted there in the lobby by Joel and Bryan who acted as our concierge on the trip. I never felt at a loss. Zoom structured this Amsterdam tour with plenty of optional activities and lots of free time. The opening cocktail party was in a chic location and gave a chance to meet the others on tour for friendly conversation. It started everything off right. One of the highlights, of course, was the Gay Pride Canal Parade. We were so close to the floats we could interact with the parade participants as we watched the event from our party boat. Good food, great people and a fabulous event!

My next vacation will definitely be a Zoom vacation and I’ll bring a friend. Zoom wants you to have a great time and they deliver what they promise. I’m glad I took a chance on Zoom.
~Maura, Boston

Bryan and Joel,
Words cannot express our sincere gratitude. Your hard work and commitment to excellence has raised the bar. George and I look forward to future adventures with you guys. Thanks for making this so special.
~Ron and George, LA

Dear Joel,
After returning home I couldn't let another day go by without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for all you and Zoom did to orchestrate a completely flawless vacation.
The hotels, the unique restaurants and the tours could not have been better. But the part that blew me away was the attention to detail and the level of service you provided. You are without a doubt the most gracious of hosts.
In a world where most companies overpromise, hats off to you for creating a business that actually overdelivers. I will recommend Zoom to all my friends with confidence that they will experience the gold standard of traveling and look forward to future vacations with Zoom.
~Jim, LA

You guys really are the best.  I am a student of success (i.e., I study successful people and how they got that way.)  It is not remarkable that you and Joel are so successful because you are doing all the right things.  But so few people do the right things so consistently.  And I think that is especially true in the travel business.  It is not easy to make travel arrangements go seamlessly for 40 people--and for you to still be having a good time (or at least look like you’re having a good time) all the while is pretty amazing.  I know just controlling travel for two can be stressful.  When you guys hired an extra bus in Cusco to carry baggage, that was great customer service.  You went the extra mile to avoid what could have been a messy situation.  And everything you did was done with such a personal touch.
~Phillip, NYC

Flying home was sad.  The great time had ended and the only cure is to go again.  I'm working on the calendar to see what I can do later this year and maybe New Years again... but don't want to wait a whole year. You do a great job at creating an environment that brings out the happiness inside us all.
~Russ, Tucson

Thank you all for making Brazil an exciting adventure.  Y’all really produce a fine vacation.  Everything was top of the line and seemed effortless. I was a bit shy about not having one special person to share it with and found I had a lot of very special people to share the holiday with. And Thank You, Joel and Bryan for creating the magic!
~Will, Santa Barbara

I made it home and have been thinking about the wonderful time I had in Brazil.  Thanks again for another great trip.
~Gary, San Francisco

Dear Bryan and Joel, 
Thanks you so much for a wonderful trip and an amazing New Years Eve! I have to say that this trip surpassed every expectation I had, which is why I felt compelled to write you and let you know.  
As a  busy real estate agent I do not have time to plan vacations.  Because my focus is on my clients I do not have time to have to worry about the details of my personal travels, especially when going to a foreign country.  Having someone else handle everything ensured that I would have a much better trip than had I done this on my own. I really loved everything about it. I loved that it was organized and I loved the actual activities and events that you created.  People I met in Rio were literally jealous when I told them about everything that we were doing, like the over-the-top beach party and champagne sunset cocktail party on top of Sugarloaf Mountain .  The helicopter tour during that party was an unbelievable, fabulous touch.  Honestly, I can’t imagine a better trip to Rio.

In a world where so many companies over-promise and under-deliver, it is refreshing to find one that greatly over-delivers. Thank you so much for all the extra work you put in to make this vacation special for all of us.
~Chad, Chicago

Bryan and Joel,
You are rock stars! Thanks again for such a great trip. It was great spending time with you both and being part of such a great, well-thought-out week. And how nice to come back to work so refreshed and revived. And yes, I'll be talking up Zoom Vacations® to all of my friends.
~Steve, NYC

Thanks Guys, for a great trip!
Larry and I both had a great time...thanks for your professionalism and great options which really made this week special.
~Sam, Chicago

Joel and Bryan
 I was sorry to miss you before you left for the next leg and wanted to say a huge thank you for everything about the Rio trip. I was hoping for a great time and the whole event exceeded all my expectations!  I had a completely fabulous time and can't thank you enough for your efforts.  I don't think I will ever forget New Years Eve on Copacabana beach with a million of my closest friends.... ankle deep in the ocean in my white kilt making offerings of white gladioli to the Ocean goddess!! Surreal or what!!
I hope you managed to have some fun too - I'd be happy to forward a few photos if that would be of interest/use?
Many thanks again - I hope I can join you on another Zoom vacation sometime soon.
~Roly, Washington DC
Dear Bryan
Jared and I had an absolute blast on the trip. You and Joel not only do a marvelous job of making everyone feel like they're part of a big family, but you guys feel more like fellow travelers than tour operators. Dany [Zoom's Rio Concierge] is really a special guy as well. His genuine friendliness and big old smile just brightened up each day. We just want y'all to know that Zoom is a very special company and that you haven't seen the last of us.
~Ralph, Laredo, TX

The Rio trip was magnificent. All the events were so much fun and well thought out to the smallest detail. As you know, I went with Zoom on my own and did not know anyone before going on the trip. The whole time I was on the Zoom vacation I never once felt lonely or like I was not part of the group. The entire time it seemed as though I was hanging out and having a great time with close friends.  You and Joel are the best! Thanks for organizing such an amazing trip!
~James, San Diego

I want to tell you both thanks so much for a wonderful time. Everyone was very nice! I know that we will be recommending you guys and hopefully another vacation for us soon in the future.
~Shawn, NYC

Gino and I had so much fun traveling with you, Joel and Zoom. We're already talking up Zoom to all our City Cafe restaurant customers!
~Bruce, DC

Thank you for a great trip! I loved how everything was taken care of and there were so many pleasant surprises.  For instance, I don't know if I wasn't paying attention to all the details before the trip or what, but things like the sunset helicopter cocktail party were so much cooler than I even imagined.

The opening dinner was such a fun party, and the perfect ice-breaker to start the trip.  It exceeded its purpose of getting the group to mingle and get to know each other. It was perfect. Everything that was planned had such a WOW factor to it. I look forward to coming with Zoom Again soon!
~Fernando, NYC

The attention to fine details also set this trip apart from any other one that we’ve been on. The destination and itinerary alone were incredible but the camaraderie that developed made this a very special trip.
~Blake and Tom, San Diego

To this day, the trip to Buenos Aires was by far the best that I've done. I still rave about it to friends and family. I felt so comfortable with everyone on the trip. Everyone was friendly, the food was delicious, and Bryan's wonderful energy made me feel so welcomed. I felt like I was on vacation with long lost friends. For me, Iguacu was absolutely the most beautiful place I have seen so far.
~Peter and Carl, Philadelphia

Hey guys, Had a wonderful time & look forward to my next zoom vacation.
~Greg, Bowling Green , KY

Thanks so much for a wonderful vacation!  We had a great time...fun, craziness, beautiful country, good food, gorgeous people and we even managed to fit in some relaxation too!  All the right ingredients for an incredible week. Thanks again and keep doing what your are doing!! 
~Evan and Cezar, New York City

This was our first group travel experience. Til now we prefered just travel by ourself. The Zoom Trip to Rio followed by Paraty has been absolutly fantastic. Your organisation was just perfect and all highlights of this trip were great. We like very much your concept based on a nice mixture of organised group activities and freetime for ourselfs. We'll certainly join in a next future another Zoom-Vacations trip. Thanks to you Bryan and Joel,  
Patrick and Alex, Brittan, France

We really enjoyed meeing you and Joel - and we had a terrific time with Zoom.    You both have so much energy and made lasting memories and friendships for us - THANKS!!!  Kevin & I are still discussing our "next" vacation - but I'm hoping to round up a few of our friends to join us with Zoom.   So, I'll keep in touch with you.
~John, Erie, PA

Dear Bryan and Joel,
As you know, my friends recently took the Zoom Vacation to Guatemala on my suggestion. That was nearly a month ago, and they haven't shut up since! "We thought the first hotel was great, but the last hotel was a former convent and..... Yadda, yadda, yadda....they made their own candles. The museums were unbelievable.....the sculpture...the weavings...the ancient structures....the murals that are still being uncovered...the whole cultural experience"....yah, yah,yah.

Oh, and don't forget the fellow travelers....."Tom was so great to talk with and he picked up everyone's bar bill....and Lou was such a sweet man. Jason was brilliant....the tour guides were so informed and helpful.....the hotel people were so accommodating. And of course, Joel and Bryan are so energetic, knowledgeable, sweet, fun, etc.etc.

I guess the only thing I can do is go on another Zoom Vacation and get the revenge of talking their ear off.
~Patrick, Minneapolis

I just wanted to thank you both and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday in Rio for Carnaval and Paraty.  Totally AWESOME!!!!  Your trip was extremely well organized and thought out.  The attention to detail and the needs of your guests always seemed to be your top priority.  During the entire trip there was not a care in the world and I was able to relax knowing that everything had been taken care of.  Having you both a part of the trip seemed like traveling with old friends.   I have been wanting to take one of your trips for years and will definitely be a repeat traveler in the future.  Anxiously looking forward the next opportunity.
~Mark Ferguson, Houston

Thanks to you and Joel for creating an environment where I had little to do but enjoy myself and not worry about the small details. It was a memorable trip and a great way to bring in the New Year.
~Dan, NYC

We had a wonderful time. I truly can't imagine a more magical trip.
I've given your name and web address to a number of people, so hopefully we can send a little business your way.

I've sent some pictures of us at the ruins [Ruins of Tikal in Guatemala]. I thought they'd be great, but I truly feel like they're something everyone needs to see at some point in their lifetime... just to put things in perspective.
~Colby Smith, Philadelphia

Thanks again for a phenomenal trip!!!!  GREAT job guys, and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone looking to travel.
~Adam, Boston

Thanks very much for a wonderful time in Rio! I'll certainly be travel with you guys again, providing you will have me. I've met some lovely people and made some great friends on this trip. I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first ‘Tour Operated’ vacation of any kind. Zoom Vacations® weere supportive, but not intrusive. Their sole concern is to enhance your experience of Rio de Janeiro and they certainly succeed this mission. Zoom’s attention to detail is immaculate.
~Chris, London

Hello Bryan, You two guys are truly Zoom Vacations®: the very people we met in Washington are the very same guys I had the pleasure of hanging out with for a week in Rio.  
Where do I begin?  When you chat with most gay men about taking a gay group tour, the primary point of reference is the circuit party cruise ships, which for me, was not what I was looking for. 
I was totally amazed by the eclectic profile of this  group. Many of these individuals I would not have had the opportunity to meet had it not been for this trip.  Many of us travel in different social circles, are separated by vast amounts of geography, have differences in style/taste/physical attributes. Each arrived in Rio with a preconceived idea of what experience would provide them. But very quickly, melded in a harmoniously balanced group. 
Over my many years in business, I have come to realize that the leader/leaders set the tone of an organization.  From the first point of contact, you and Joel worked as a well balanced team. While each of you have areas of strength, the clearly defined message was that you had committed to plan, orchestrate and , execute a superlative vacation for a group of 40+ well traveled men. This within itself, would has scared off most business partners.  I have to give you guys a 10+, and not for the items on the opinion survey.  Where you two stand head and shoulders about the rest, is you genuine interest, concern and connection to each member of the group.  At almost every event, I stood back and watched one of you spend more time with an individual than you had to spare at the minute.  But, the true professional in you, helped you realized that what was most important is that everyone felt included.  Boy, I teach at hospitality school, and we have so missed the boat as an educational system, failing to make this very trait the corner stone of the Hospitality Industry. 
As you grow your organization, please make sure that the new players understand what makes Zoom Vacations® so successful.  We, the 40+ guys from Rio, did not book a gay holiday with some travel company.... we booked a travel experience with Brian and Joel. We were recognized as individuals, then made to feel so comfortable that we let go of the details with unquestionable confidence that everything was and would be taken care of, and of  course never disappointed. 
Several of us commented that we never saw you with list, paper, organizational tools or franticly on the phone working on arrangements.  Being in a related industry, I fully understand what goes on behind the scenes.  But you two always were apart of the action, front, center and involved in the experience.    
Ok, I know you have many more important things to do than read an endless email from me... so I'll wrap this up,  thank for what you do,  thank you for attracting such an awesome group of guys, thank you for taking such great care of each of us, thank you for helping me make some really great new friends,  and finally and on a personal note, thank your for the environment you created during the trip, it made addresses some of my own insecurities.  
Finally, the highest compliment I can pay you is to let you know that I will be traveling with you and Joel again very soon.  Most likely I'll make the Costa Rica trip in May and I really want to go on the South Africa experience in September. But rest assured, I would love to have a stack of your business cards so that I can pass them out to my friends.  
Thank you for everything,
~Randy, Washington DC

Thanks again for the great trip!!! The recognition is really from our side for a great time once again well organized.
~John and Benoit, Paris

Thank you again for everything – the Zoom part of my vacation was really special (!), many wonderful memories of the time together and the people.  I look forward to taking another Zoom trip in the future, and I will definitely be recommending you guys to my friends. 
~James, Boston


I am still riding high from my wonderful holiday with Zoom Vacations®.  I had an incredible time and one of the best holidays I've had in a long time.   You two know how to do things the right way with the most fun people.  I enjoyed using my $100 gift certification in the spa and can't wait to decide what to buy with my gift cetificate from Allen Brothers.  Thank you!!  Thank you!!  I can't wait for the Crotia trip next year!!!!!  I'm all signed up and can't wait.
~Jan, Chicago

Hi Bryan + Joel - It was so nice meeting you and sharing the Rio experience together. We had a great time - thank you for all your hard work putting it all together.
~Michael, NYC

We had a fabulous trip and enjoyed meeting you and the other guys!
~Irwin, Fort Lauderdale

We enjoyed our trip to Buenos Aires with Zoom Vacations® very much. Our trip actually began many months earlier when we first contacted Bryan and Joel. From the first phone call to the follow up message after arrival at home, it could not have been a smoother and more pleasant experience. They are knowledgeable and capable of arranging all travel needs in a professional manner. The trip itself was well arranged, beautiful hotel, fun excursions, friendly co-travelers, and suggested activities were well planned. We highly recommend Zoom Vacations® and will travel with you guys again. All the best,
~Dom and Ron, New York

We had such a terrific time in Brazil. Really you guys did an outstanding job. I would recommend Zoom Vacations® to anyone.
~Kevin, Chicago

Dear Joel and Bryan:
We do not want to let any more time pass by without telling you guys our feeling about our trip to Peru in November of last year.

For a long time, Guillermo and I decided to always travel on our own, because the conveniences and flexibility of doing so. We also had had experiences of tour travels that we did not find to our satisfaction. Last November and at the last moment, we decided to call “Zoom Vacations®” and booked your tour Peru 2006. Little did we know, that it was going to be one of the best trips we have ever had.

You guys are right on the mark. Everything, from the selection of hotels, choice of restaurants, organizing of land tours, personal care of your clients …. was done to perfection. Everything was so meticulously done ….. from small details (such as, after you noticed I was not feeling well and you got me, without my asking, a special meal at the train), to the most lavish of your affairs (The dinner at the house of Aliagas!!).

Furthermore the group of people you were able to put together in this tour was wonderful. I wish we were able to travel with all of them in some of your future trips.

We are HOOKED on Zoom Vacations® forever!!!! Let us congratulate you for such perfection and by our patronage we hope to do our part in assuring the existence of your business for many years to come.

Thank you for such a wonderful trip!
~Sincerely, Guillermo and Guillermo, Miami

Aloha Bryan , Just wanted to thank you so much to a fabulous vacation. I was very impressed with the professionalism of every aspect of the tour, you did a fabulous job. I'm looking forward to booking the Peru trip next Nov.with a few guys I met on this tour. I also have decide to go back to Buenos Aires and celebrate my big 50 there. Again Thanks!! in Hawaiian we say Mahalo.
~Dany, Hawaii

Peru was a fantastic experience!  All the activities were planned out with great detail and the hotels were amazing!  Each one kept getting better and better.  I have been on several Zoom Vacations® but this one was one of the best!  Great job Bryan and Joel for making this another unforgettable adventure!
~Craig and David, Washington, DC

Thank you so much for organizing our honeymoon in Costa Rica. It truly was an unforgettable experience - from zip-lining through the rainforest to an exhilerating rafting trip down the Pacquare river, we never stopped smiling! The hotels you picked for us were first rate - you can bet that we'll be going back to celebrate an upcoming anniversary! We look forward to going on another Zoom Vacation in the future! All the best,
~Meg & Megan, Brooklyn, NY

Chris and I had an AWESOME time in Iquacu Falls and Sao Paulo. Thanks so much for helping set all that up.  Ruben, our guide, at the falls really went above and beyond for us.  It is bittersweet being home, we had such a great time with you and Joel and the group down in Rio.
~Liam, Atlanta

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed my vacation and what a memorable experience it was from the begininng till the end.  I look forward to seeing you again on future trips. 
~Steve, Washington, DC

Tom and I would like to thank you for a wonderfully planned trip.  We particularly loved the Machu Picchu visit, Poli collection, and Monasterio stay.  Sonia and Laura made learning about Peruvian culture and Incan history and legends enjoyable.  Of course, the shopping was great for Tom.  We got some nice cuzqueña paintings and several folk art pieces that our friends will surely enjoy.

A special thanks to you for the numerous gestures that made us feel special and pampered.  Your attention to detail reminds us of a billboard we read in Lima, «La calidad es medida por los gestos pequeños»  The following details were specifically special:  arranging for someone to pick us up at the Lima airport, the chocolate we got in Lima, the chankas, our names printed on the Pisco bottle gift, train meal adjustments, and taking care of the airport taxes.  Your hotel and restaurant selections  were extraordinary.. 

We truly enjoyed our trip and wish you the best you can wish for for the Holidays and the coming year.

Un fuerte abrazo,
~Félix and Tom, San Antonio

Bruce and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Zoom and we are confident it won't be our last.  Your attention to detail, thoughtfulness to everyone, and professionalism created the level of service that builds customer loyalty.
~Jeffrey, Ohio

Dear Joel and Bryan
Allow me to thank you again for leading us into another amazing life, cultural and fun experience. Your knowledge and experience facilitated so many wonderful things for us. And, of course, choosing Sea Dream as our home away from home, always tops our traveling experience. What a crew, and what a service! You just do not want to leave the yacht and their on going pampering of us.

I made new friends and we seriously discussed staying in touch and visiting each other. Matt is extremely jealous as he listens to my stories and claims that he will not miss another Sea Dream treat.

At some point, when you spoke Italian to someone in Venice, one of the guests asked me, "Does he speak Italian too?". I proudly responded," Oh Yes, and, his Portuguese is not too far behind". I guess, it was his learning experience of the day. Many thanks to both of you for making another dream come true. Big hug,
~Alejandro, New York City
Hi Bryan, Hi Joel,
I had a great time in Rio.  Honestly, it was one of the best vacations I've been on.  I'm really interested in travelling with Zoom Vacations® to South Africa in 2008.  My friend who went with you guys to Iceland, suggests I use zoom for that trip also. 
Thanks for your hospitality in Rio.  You guys are the best.
 ~Bryon, New Jersey
Top ten reasons y i miss Zoom Vacations®     
#1 I'm working full time again    
#2 No body is waiting on me hand and foot at home    
#3 The food is not as good back home    
#4 The sun doesn't shine everyday     
#5 They speak the same language in Jersey    
#6 I need a new neckless     
#7 Seeing my friends in the hot tub :)~     
#8 I've only been on 8 trips     
#9 I miss my friends     
#10 I love the cab rides :)  
~Tom, New Jersey

Thank you Joel & Bryan. They were truly unforgettable vacations. I've told all my friends about your great program.
~Ricardo, New York City

Thank you for organizing a great trip. Both Rio and Zoom exceeded our expectations.
~6M9 Guesthouse, Mexico City

Thanks again for a great time!  As always an interesting cast of characters!  I really needed the sun and sea!  It was so healing for me and I anticipate a great 2009!
~Tim, Chicago

I have to say, this was the best time I have ever had in my life. Everyday was a new adventure.
~Troy, Washington, DC

Just an incredible Life Adventure, as always - thanks guys!
~Greg, Bowling Green, KY

I like Zoom Vacations® because the people are really friendly and helpful, and always go an extra mile to make your vacation more enjoyable… Also Zoom Vacations® always chooses the best resorts and exotic places which are a bit different from other tour companies. I will always choose Zoom before consider other tour company
~Ken, Boston

First of all, thanks for the remarkable trip.  You are an excellent host - I noticed how you went out of your way to make each individual feel special. We definitely will travel with Zoom again.
~Tim, Chicago

I had an amazing time and I owe a large part of that to you. The Sambadrome was definitely the highlight of my trip and I still get excited when I look at the pictures and listen to the cd.

The helicopter ride wasn’t too shabby either. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I cannot say enough how wonderful you made my first experience in Brasil. You really have a tight operation that is well thought out and carefully planned. It shows also on the faces of your travelers.
~Jenny, Brooklyn

Dear Joel and Bryan,
We had a blast.  It was the best vacation I have ever taken.   I thought being in a group might be stifling or a drag-- but having 70 instant friends was awesome.  (I am very shy and find it hard to meet folks…  LOL). You do GREAT work. 
~Craig, Sacramento

I sincerely want to thank you for what could possibly be the best trip of my life. I knew that I was going to like it but I never expected to be as GREAT as it was. You guys gave us the best New Years (and I'm talking also from many, many great comments
that I heard from some of the other guys of our group). I'm very happy that I made the decision of going to Rio with ZOOM, and I also know that this is just the first of many vacations that I'm going to put in your hands.
~Eddy, San Jose, Costa Rica

I had a wonderful time! Truly the best vacation I ever had!
~Mark, TN

Zoom had the right blend of history, culture, sightseeing, free time and fun!
~Craig, Washington, DC

You guys put on such a great tour, mixing the fun with history, architecture and culture. You definitely can count on Trey and I being on a future trip. We have been spreading your name around to friends as a highly recommending travel group. We made several new friends on this trip and plan on keeping in contact with everyone.
~David, Atlanta

I saw friends of mine on your website, called them and they said it was worth every penny. We had never done a tour before but decided to try one.

The trip was so well run. Every detail was taken care and the Zoom Concierges knew a lot about where we were, and everything was effortless. I really liked the mix of people too, and we met some very cool people from different places around the US.
~Jerry Judd, LA

New Years was even more than I could  have imagined and I couldn't think of any better way to bring in a new year! Thank you both for making it happen for me.
~Pete, Miami

We had a great vacation and wanted to thank you as well. You guys do a top notch job taking care of everyone. The guys in the group were fun to get to know and we never felt like we were "stuck with the group"– a fear we had going into the "group vacation" thing. 
~Gregg, Washington, DC

Hey Bryan, I just wanted you to know how thankful I am to you and Joel for the trip; I had a great time and it was an awesome chance to make good friends, party and relax at the same time. I can't thank you enough.
I had a great time with Zoom Vacations® and I never thought I was going to make so many friends on a tour kind of trip. Also that the parties and events you guys put together where awesome and definitely I'll be joining you on more vacations. I have traveled around the world and this trip was everything that I expected and more, I got to relax and also party. I highly recommend Zoom.
~Felix, Managua, Nicaragua

With Zoom Vacations®, I found a wonderful group of like minded friends, in whom I established new and wonderful friendships.  At first, I was a bit timid about going on vacation by myself, not knowing anyone.  However, this feeling was dispelled the moment I entered the airport to leave and was warmly greeted by Zoom Vacations® and introduced to my new traveling companions.  Needless to say, the follow days were filled with enjoyment and relaxation, as well as adventure.

The most wonderful part of traveling with Zoom Vacations® was the beauty and the simplicity.  That is to say, the activities were planned out and exciting, from visiting historic parts of ancient cities in Peru, to the climbing to the top of Machu Picchu, to the elegance of the dinner arrangements and the wonderful Accommodations. Our vacation included horse back riding, tours of ancient ruins, an authentic Incan priest and rituals, as well as exciting white water rafting.  Truly a vacation for any and all.

Sometimes you go on vacation looking to get away, and you come back having found yourself . Without question I will travel again AND AGAIN with Zoom Vacations®.
~Paul, Chicago

The Zoom Vacations® staff are top notch individuals and top notch professionals. Everything was effortless.
~Richard, Washington, DC

Just a quick note to say thank you for everything. You were
amazing hosts and we really enjoyed our time in Rio. It would not have been the same without our experience with you guys and the Zoom group.
~Ricky, New York City

Zoom made this into a true vacation for me.  Due to my interest in travel, I typically play "cruise director" when planning vacations with my friends.  It was so nice to have Zoom make all the hotel and sightseeing reservations etc.  This took away a layer of stress for me.   Also, the little extras in our rooms each night made me feel like I was personally being cared for.   I am impressed that Zoom can do all this in a non-English speaking country 5000 miles away.  Zoom also provided recommendations on local gay culture for the area.  Kudos!
~Chester, Houston

We are still aglow from our Zoom Vacation.  Mike and I had a terrific experience.  We didn't know what we were getting into since neither one of us had ever been on a tour of any kind -but you really allayed our fears and exceeded all of our expectations. The adventures were well chosen and well, adventurous! The Accommodations had beautiful views, friendly, professional staffs- all top-notch. The other members of the group from all over the place, were terrific guys. They all had great life experiences, and differing points of view to share - we made some wonderful new friends. As our Zoom Concierge, you were so nice, helpful, accommodating and professional. But even more importantly: genuinely thoughtful, hilariously funny and preternaturally kind. (How do you do it?)Please add us (at the top) to your enormous list of fans.

You are creating something very special with your business Zoom Vacations®. It seem to me you are building much more than a company - a kind of community with a wonderful adventure in common. I'm sure it doesn't matter where you go with Zoom - when you get there you will have one of the happiest vacations of your life.
~Chris and Mike, LA

I wanted to tell you that the trip to Guatemala was terrific. Thanks for all the work that you all put into planning it. After seeing a few more new places, I can definitely see going back
~Jeff, Washington, DC

Many thanks go to Bryan & Joel for creating such a memorable experience.  Our trip to Guatemala was a perfect blend of activities that made the whole thing truly enjoyable!   Their planning and extensive connections gave us the opportunity to experience things you may not see anywhere else, and the quality of the Accommodations, tour guides, and activities on the trip is beyond compare!  These trips will leave you wanting to plan your next Zoom vacation before your first one is even over.
~Jason, Washington, DC

I wanted to say thanks so much for making a fun and memorable trip. I could never have imagined that a trip to Guatemala could be so enjoyable.  It was the perfect blend of gay socializing and must-see touring.
~Jerry, New Jersey

Thanks for sending the photos and emails of the others from the recent fabulous Costa Rica trip. Robert and I had such a great time. I think you did a great job at keeping the boys entertained and no one complained to me of anything! That's a miracle to get all those queens in one place for a week and no problems! It's a good thing we weren't a group from Survivor Costa Rica, people would tune out.

The trip was great! I'm talking it up with lots of friends and patients. Hopefully some of them will hear me and want to join you on a future trip. They will experience a fantastic adventure beyond their expectations.
~John, San Francisco

What especially impressed me about my zoom vacation was that Bryan was both professional and personal at the same time. There was enough on the trip to keep me busy to see and try new things yet enough time to just kick back and relax. Going to Costa Rica with this awesome group gave me many wonderful stories and memories to keep me smiling for awhile. It has given me a new perspective on things. Pure Vide!"
~Paul, Chicago

I had so many favorite parts to my trip. I LOVED the Great Wall of China - even though I got lost and had one of the best workouts of my entire life. I finally realized that, as I was climbing steps that were so steep I had to hug them because of my fear of heights, I must have gone to far. The Great Wall is stunning. I also loved the beauty of Water Town and the realities of the Hu Tongs. I loved going to a ladies house and learning how to make dumplings. I loved seeing the high energy "must sees": but, I also loved see the simplicity of life for many of the inhabitants of the country. That was nice. Finally, I would be remiss to say that I didn't make some fantastic friends. I met some really phenomenal guys and gals on that trip.


Dear Zoom Vacations®, The attention to detail and personal service on Zoom Vacations was excellent! and what gay man doesn’t like good service?/what gay man doesn’t like to be serviced.

Zoom also worked out the logistics beautifully, which is very difficult to do in most Latin American countries. This is easy to take for granted for those who live in a country were everything is convenient, we have many options, and everything "Works". Not so in Cuba, but Joel made sure we had a flawless trip.
~Angel, Miami

Traveling with Zoom was like sitting in First Class and having cute guys serve and show you amazing places all day and night. Everything is done for you. You just show up and enjoy the ride.
~Bert, Fort Lauderdale

We all had such a good time. I can't stop thinking and talking about it.

The trip was wonderful, and I have recommended it to everyone since I got back. It is the only way I will travel other than the way I travel for business.
~Brad, Los Angeles

Zoom Vacations makes everything incredible easy for me. I travel a lot for business and personal travel but when I really need a vacation where I can lay back and relax and leave everything in someone else's hands I trust Zoom to get it done. They have already selected and vetted the best resorts, hotels and adventures for each location. I know that everything will be taken care of and I will not have to worry about anything except getting Ken on the airplane to go. Once there I can kick back and enjoy while I let the weight of the world melt away at some exotic tropical resort.
~Chase, Chicago

On all three trips, Zoom did a magnificent job of highlighting the best of each destination. The itineraries cover a lot of ground, leaving no major sights behind, and even surprises with an authentic experience, that leaves a lasting impression.
~Daniel, Portland, Oregon

We are still on cloud "9" after what was a trip we will never forget. You were the perfect host/escort on a most memorable journey. We look forward to touring with Zoom Vacations in the near future and thanks for everything! It was SPECTACULAR!
~Ethan and Michael, New Jersey

I definitely will travel again with Zoom. Zoom has a distinctive style and taste I appreciate over other companies.
~Jason, San Francisco

What I notice most about Zoom's way of traveling, versus other gay group trips I've been on, was the attention to detail. I like being able to book a trip and not worry about planning anything; just having to pack my bags and go. I know with Zoom there are going to be pleasant surprises on every trip. I'm the kind of person that doesn't want every single detail beforehand because I like being surprised with the unique experiences that trips with Zoom are always full of.
~Lou, Chicago

I joined Zoom not too long after they started, because they offered a trip to Rio de Janeiro that sounded incredible. What's great about Zoom is that they kind of roll out the red carpet in every destination and create a magical experience. I work hard, and I want someone I believe in and trust to handle the details. There is always good energy involved with Zoom Vacations. It's like everyone Zoom works with has good karma.
~Jesse, NYC

I would recommend this trip without hesitation. I've been all over the world, with lots of other companies. This was one of the best trips I've had.
~Jim, Chicago

I surprised Dave for his birthday and took him on the Rio New Years Eve trip three years ago, and we had such a great time and met some amazing people, so we decided to go on another Zoom trip. The attention to detail and planning by Zoom makes the trips effortless. All we had to do is show up and enjoy.
~Joe, Jackonsville

Zoom allowed us plenty of time to adjust and catch up with the speed of the pride vibe in Madrid. No overwhelming schedules, always a plan B or contingency plan for unforeseen issues and most of all awareness of travelers needs.
~Willie, Chicago

The Bhutan, India and Nepal trip was amazing. With perfect Zoom planning there was a new and exciting experience at every turn.
~Lee and Gary, Naples, FL

I find Zoom Vacations does it much better, and each trip to each area is very unique, and we have great tour leaders like Bryan and Joel who always look after us making us feel at home and not just going to some tour company. Also, we stay in very unique hotels and have great dining experiences. I like Zoom Vacations so much because they take what we say and improve all the time.
~Ken, Boston

We have traveled many times together in groups, but this was the first time we ever went with a 'Gay' Tour group. It was the best by far!
~Tracy, Adams, MA

There is no way we would have been able to have as much fun if we went just by ourselves. Traveling to Madrid with Zoom allowed us to meet all the other great guys on the tour, go to private parties, hit all the hot spots of the city, and have our own personal concierge, Joel!
~George and Matt, Chicago

Having someone else arrange a wonderful trip was fantastic. I still had enough leeway to do the things I wanted to do.
~Matt, Boston

The care that Zoom Vacations takes to ensure that everyone is pampered and provided with a comprehensive variety of experiences is really unique. Our group of 19 experienced top-flight accommodations, meals, and jaw-dropping experiential treats that only a small tour operator like Zoom is able to provide.
~Brandon, NYC

I have traveled to over 20 countries, usually on my own, with friends, or with travel organizations that specialize in less then 12 people in a group. I was totally amazed at how Joel had thought through every single detail of our trip, understood the individual needs of each of us, and was able to remember and accommodate all of us....he was professional, always kept his cool, and charming at the same time. The reality of traveling in a Third World Country is that things don't always go as planned, but Joel always rolled with the changes and his professionalism was amazing.
~John, Miami

I thought the camaraderie of the guys on both trips was amazing. Zoom vacations is a perfect way to make new friends from all over the country and all over the world!
~Jojo, Jacksonville

Zoom's hospitality and great hosts. I feel that Zoom tries very hard to keep their guests happy. I have made friends with some nice people too.
~Nader, Washington DC

The most common misconception is that Guatemala is dangerous. A certain degree of caution is advised, but this is precisely the reason we decided to take a vacation with Zoom. I had for years wanted to visit Tikal and Antigua, and taking a trip with a group of gay men seemed like the perfect solution. We always felt comfortable. It was very reassuring to know that hotels, restaurants, means of transportation, and sites had been carefully selected so that we could have a great trip.
~Patrick, NYC

Our local Zoom guide who was with us throughout Israel, who was hands-down the best guide we've ever had. She was an educator, comedian, historian, and group-mother all rolled into one package. Not only was she a walking encyclopedia on Israel, but she was able to keep her gaggle of gays entertained, engaged, and on schedule for seven days touring around the Promised Land - no small feat!
~Ron, Miami

We are still on cloud "9" after what was a trip we will never forget. You were the perfect host/escort on a most memorable journey. We look forward to touring with Zoom Vacations in the near future and thanks for everything! It was SPECTACULAR!

Zoom Vacations provided me with a turn key gay vacation. There's no
way that I would have met as many friends and done such a wide variety
of unique activities if I did the trip on my own.

We loved our trip to Rio, and I hope someday we can go with Zoom Vacations to Australia. Rio was fabulous, and thank you all again for showing us such a great time.
~JC and Todd

I wanted to say a huge thank you. We had such an amazing time and met
some fabulous people, including you! Please keep in touch and when in Oz
make sure you come and visit.

Both David and myself wanted to pass on our deepest appreciation for such a superb trip in Brasil. We had a great time, met some truly superb people and enjoyed all of the unique things that form part of a Zoom Vacation. Suffice to say that David and myself will be booking another trip with you again in the near future.
~Mark and David, Sydney

My trip with Zoom Vacations was chill and fun, with flexibility and quality people. You can make it whatever you want it to be, and it will be a quality time.
~Neil, Tempe, Arizona

Joel, Thank you again for organizing such a great trip. Ron and I have traveled extensively but usually arranging our own guides, tours and destinations. It was so nice to only need to arrange our trip there and back. I normally read a book or more prior to be some what prepared but this time neither of us was able to do anything to study. The guides you provided and that fact that they stayed with us multiple days really gave me a good feeling for what we were seeing, what it meant, and the history behind it. I don't think I have ever learned so much about another place and variety of cultures on any other trip. By far Laura was our favorite of the guides. Last question. I am wondering if you share any of the photos you took. I have great photos and thankfully you took some for us with our camera but I imagine with that beautiful camera of yours that you have some that would also be incredible.

Dear Zoom Vacations,
I wanted send a quick email to thank you for a wonderful experience in Argentina! It truly capped off my Lifetime World Tour 2011! Smile. It was a pleasure getting to know you.

Thank you for a fabulous experience. We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. Thanks for helping us "escape" to Lima where we had an enjoyable extra day in a great city.
~George and Tony

It seems as though Mark and I have just emerged from a beautiful dream that took place in Argentina and Brazil. It is hard to believe it was not a dream but two phenomenal weeks of adventure, culture and beauty.

The word "Awesome" takes on new meaning when we discuss (with our friends) our experiences with Zoom and our incredible leader, Joel! You are passionate in what you do and this reflects in the quality of our multiple experiences in South America. We loved your daily surprises plus I am still talking about celebrating my birthday in one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

We hope to see you soon on another Zoom vacation. Our best to you and we wish you continued success with your organization
~Mark and Chuck, Fort Lauderdale

Zoom's major strength is its ability to give their guests up-to-date information, and quickly modify a trip for the better if a unforeseen problem arises.
~Lou, Chicago

It was wonderful and I have recommended it to everyone since I got back. It is the only way I will travel other than the way I travel for business.
~Clark, San Francisco

With a group but also free to be. Good mix of quality, awesome, people. This trip was drama free!

I didn't expect to be so blown away by Ayers Rock. It is truly something that one has to experience because no pictures or video do it justice. We had an amazing group. There were so many highlights. The Madrigras land party was insane and the great barrier reef was breath taking.
~Julius, Orlando

This is our second Zoom trip, and we are hooked!!! Definately! Zoom does such a great job with the detail of the trip, taking away the stresses of hopping around from city to city. Worth every penny!! The nightly gifts are such a nice touch to the experience. I love how, although everyone in the group gets the same thing, the gifts made me feel like I was counted, and special on the trip. Shangri-La was amazing, with the room in Carins being so over the top awesome.
~Daniel, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for your kindness and offering us such magnificent treats: Sea Dream  Spa and Allen Brothers certificates. But I must say that the real magic lies on your amazing vision, your organizational skills and the outstanding delivery of services to us. Every time, you lead us into another wonderful experience and make us feel so special. As a special  bonus, you facilitate  the opportunity  for us to reunite with our old traveling friends and to make new friendships. Outstanding service with  great smiles!!!  Many Thanks.  Big hug, 
~Alejandro, NYC

The trip was amazing!  It is somewhat surreal to be back at work now.
~Chris, Rochester, NY

I want to thank you so very much for organizing my trip to South America to celebrate my 40th birthday! Everything went incredibly smooth - airport/transfer assistance, private tours and tour guides, ... and the accommodations were awesome!
Galapagos, Machu Picchu (and the Sacred Valley), and Easter Island were phenomenal! Guayaquil, Lima and Santiago were very interesting too - centuries of history! We took upwards of 7000 pictures... thank goodness for digital photography. Now comes the task of sorting out them, almost a daunting task. We'll post them once we've gone through them.
Thank you for the birthday wishes! The cake was delicious. Unfortunately for Steven, he wasn't feeling 100% that evening, but, fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of eating 3/4 of it by myself... I am easily swayed by sweets! 
Weather was incredible! It was sunny most of the time in Ecuador, with its cool moments. Lima was cool, overcast and slightly-drizzly... but it's typical San Francisco weather. Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Santiago had awesome weather - cool and sunny. Easter Island was stormy the first day (which meant non-shadowy pictures with some rainy moments) but by the afternoon of the second day, it was sunny, so our pictures of the moais show the full-range of the weather spectrum.
~Aaron, California

Hello! I write you from London Heathrow's Virgin Atlantic lounge awaiting my flight home (which leaves in about 2 hours). I spent a few nights in London, sort of debriefing. I'll write more when I get home and can use my own keyboard, but I have thought and thought about the amazing group of Zoom individuals I was lucky enough to meet on this trip. I can't believe they're not just around the corner here waiting for me to come in and have a drink...ho hum. It would be a privilege to be on another trip with them.

The trip was fantastic. I have just glanced over my pictures, and found myself reliving all the best moments. That amazing Bosphorus cruise, the beauty of Istanbul, the cooking class, the gorgeous city of Odessa...these are just a few. Oh and we can not forget SeaDream--this just has to be the best crew we have had ever on a cruise, eh? I'll write you some more specifics when I get home. There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by another Zoom Vacation soon.
~Wayne, Palm Springs

We've been thinking about an Australia trip for several years and decided to do Mardi Gras this year. We chose Zoom because we liked the idea of traveling with a group, and liked the upscale choices, and that you were on hand to personally lead the tour. You hit the balance of group and optional activities exactly right!
~John, Seattle

What a great trip. Thanks so much for everything you guys did to make it fantastic.
~Jim, Denver

Thanks so much for a great SeaDream cruise to the Black Sea .  This was our second Zoom cruise and once again it was sensational!  The Black Sea was the most fantastic experience – great food and atmosphere, too many good wines and champagnes and excellent on-shore tours in some very incredible locations in Bulgaria , Romania and the Ukraine .  The best part however is the really fun group of Zoomers that we met once again – you guys sure know how to have fun!  Thanks for making us so welcome and looking after all the details so well.  We’ve already been looking through the Zoom trips to try and find another one we can go on so hopefully we will meet again soon.
~Tom and Vickie Perth, Australia

We are in Cappadocia at the Museum Hotel. Absolutely brilliant - a lunar landscape complete with fairy chimneys so we feel quite at home! Ha ha Thanks for organising that - we had a great time with you and the gang on the Black Sea and it will be great to start another holiday with you. You guys do a great job.
~Brett and Kim, Sydney, Australia

Each trip was packed full with a variety of experiences that exceeded our expectations.  They were very different trips we came away with friends we still keep in touch with today and memories to last a lifetime.
~James and Mark, Dallas

Thank you for such a great trip. I had a wonderful time with some great memories. It was great meeting so many interesting people. The trip just made me want to travel even more.
P.S. It kinda hard coming from sunny hot weather to snow and grey skies!
Thanks again,
~Craig, Calgary, Canada

In my rush to get working on our next vacation I did forget to tell you how much fun we had and what a great job you guys did! (The fact that I was asking you about another trip should of been a hint.) I know how hard it is to please everyone and especially when the group is as diverse as we were!  You guys did a FABULOUS job!  I just read the email where Steve talks about his trip, it just brings those great memories back. The falls have been one the most magnificent wonders I have seen!  I put it right on the top of my list of favorite places, Steve and I can't wait to go back. Being there with our best friends will always make it a very special trip as well. The two of you are doing an incredible job making sure everyone, including us, were always happy.
~Gary and Steve, Fort Lauderdale

Take care and thanks again!
~Robert, Naples, FL

Thanks for an awesome trip. It was one of the best vacations I've had and by far one of the most relaxing. Not sure if we'll see you in Africa or India or China next but you will see us again. 
~Joe, New Jersey

I will admit that I had slight trepidation about going on the trip solo. Though it was by choice to take a vacation without my friends, I quickly realized I was making this journey not just with fellow travelers but with new friends. The bonds of friendship formed on this journey will last well beyond the trip! From my arrival in Buenos Aires to the departing gate in Rio, I was consistently impressed that all of the travel details (big and small) were taken care of by Zoom Vacations®. The itinerary was well planned and provided a broad range of activities to experience each city and Iguacu Falls.
~Steven, NYC

Thanks for a wonderful trip! We had a blast. The pics are great. I'll send some of ours your way when I get them all sorted out. I have a ton as you know..... :-)......looking forward to another Zoom vacation in the future.
~Jeff, Naples, FL

Jeff and I had a great trip. The good news is that we would love to take another Zoom Vacation...the bad news is that we are already booked through the beginning of 2010.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and your care to details. It was greatly appreciated. We are telling everyone about Zoom!

What a fantastic vacation! Thank you so much for making it possible. Before Rio, I hadn't taken a group vacation. After Rio, I would definitely do it again. You really did think of everything. And thanks for making Michael feel so special. [Michael was a guest on the trip, celebrating his birthday].
~Bob, NYC

Thanks again for the fantastic Rio Experience!  Everything you guys did seemed to go off perfectly.
~George, San Francisco

Just wanna thank you guys for a fierce and super fun week. I'm already looking forward to the next one.
~Mike, NYC

Thanks for a great, great trip! It was just what I needed.
~Steve, NYC

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a fabulous time. You guys are wonderful. The group as usual was great and friendly. I don't think I could travel without you. You've spoiled me.
~Peter, Philadelphia

Thank you so much for a perfect weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the sun, surf and company.
~James, NYC

Just to say thanks for a wonderful trip and seeing the two of you. Had a wonderful time as usual. You two guys know how to make girl feel wonderful. Met some really interesting people on the trip and hope to keep in touch.
~Thomas, San Antonio

Thanks so much for creating such a great experience.  I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed and renewed.  I also can't recall meeting such a terrific group of guys.  Because this was my first trip solo, I was a bit anxious but within the first 5 minutes of the cocktail party I knew it was going to be a great time.  I can't wait for my next trip.
~Mitchell, Boston

Just wanted to thank you for putting together a great 2 weeks for Frank and I.   We enjoyed it all.  I especially appreciated your checking in with me on how I was doing; it made a difference. The restaurant in Rio you recommended was truly sublime!  Frequently scenic dining spots are better at the "scenic" than the food; in this case both were amazing.
~Scott, New York


“I was very impressed with how seamless and coordinated every aspect of that trip was.  It relieved me of all the planning, booking, and organization such a trip would have required.  The accommodations were top-notch, the restaurants for our meals were excellent, the cuisine was carefully selected so that we had regional specialties, and the local tour guides were great.”
~ Rick, NYC


“With Zoom it was hassle-free and worry-free. I would not have been able to find all the great hotels, tours, and restaurants. This trip contained a lot of travel within the county, and that was handled flawlessly! I tell my friends, I'm so busy with work that I don't have time to search for all the great places to stay or go, and you surely can't believe every review you read online! With this trip I just had to show up, and that is exactly what I did! Show up and have a fabulous time!”
~Brandon and Vince, Sugarland TX


“We have never felt so spoiled….every detail was handled.  It was great that we had private drivers and tour guides to shepherd us through lines, and manage the logistics.  We both have excessively busy work lives, and personal commitments….we called Zoom and essentially didn’t have to do anything else except book flights….I never had to research, google, or investigate anything…in fact every day on vacation was another pleasant surprise.”
~Jeremy and Steven, Chicago


“I just wanted to thank the Zoom team for their thoughtfulness and attention to details.  From the memento gifts to the surprises left for us in our rooms.  I also appreciated the printed menus given to us at our meals, the list of bars and restaurants in each city for our free time, and the luggage tags with our names and contact information already completed for us!  Every last detail was pretty much covered.  I had a fantastic time and look forward to my next trip with Zoom Vacations!”
~Rick, San Francisco


“John and I have learned that Zoom Vacations plans itineraries with people like us in mind. We like to spend our vacation time wisely and when we go on a ZOOM vacation we not only have an incredible adventure, it is balanced with times of relaxation. We have met some wonderful people on each trip which is an added bonus.”
~Brad and John, Maplewood, NJ


“This is the first time we have EVER let someone else make all our travel arrangements for us. We are usually a very hands on couple. This time all we had to do was just show up.  We are not used to that type of travel at all.  But, it worked out perfectly. Joel has converted us into the Zoom Vacations Fan Club (no its not a cult,.... yet).”
~Bill, Seattle


“The Cultural and educational activities made the trip so much more than I expected. They added an element to the trip that I was not expecting. We didn’t just tour a museum; we had a private tour by one of the museum’s curators. We didn’t just eat Cuban food; we visited the Cuban Culinary School and got a private lesson.  These activities made the trip unique and gave us insights into Cuba that the normal visitor/tourist is never going to get.”
~Dwayne, Dallas


“The trips I have made with Zoom to China, South Africa, and Cuba are carefully planned to the smallest detail.  The hallmark of a Zoom trip for me is that I don't have to do the "thinking and planning!"  Therefore, for me, it is the ultimate vacation!”
~Barry, Dallas


“ Zoom had many small details with us including daily surprise gifts that gave it a plus. Everything was very well planned but still we had options to adjust the schedule when the group agreed on a different alternative. Of course we would like to thank Bryan Herb for the excellent attitude, humor and service he provided as the zoom concierge with us during the trip. He did a fantastic job coordinating and arranging every little detail!!”
~Jaime and Conrado, Mexico City


“I was hesitant [traveling as a part of a gay group] at first, but once I was on the tour I understood the benefits, and it helped me to relax, be myself, and feel comfortable within the group. It was something I noticed when I joined some mainstream day tours during the trip, and where I met up with straight travelers, there was nothing inherently bad about them but we had to always first go through the formality of "Is your wife traveling with you?" In the gay group we already had a certain level of understanding about each other and it helped us to make connections with each other instantly. I didn't find anything "gay" about the tour, well, except for the brunch on safari in the bush. That was pretty over the top and gay. And definitely fun.”
~Reed, NYC


“There was no way I could plan something like that on my own - and have the experience of vacationing with other gay travelers, which was also a big factor for me.”
~Rick, NYC


“During Albert's illness, which lasted for four years before he died, we did no traveling except for one winter in Miami. No trips, and we were a couple who did a lot of traveling over the years. I had always done my traveling with Albert or with another friend who also passed away shortly after Albert. I missed traveling, but my traveling companions were gone. A few friends suggested Zoom Vacations. Went to Argentina with Zoom, and had such a great time. In many respects I credit Zoom with opening my travel life again.”
~Bob, Chicago


“Zoom has created an experience that allows me to see other places and cultures in a meaningful way and with a like-minded group of travelers. I have traveled quite a bit on my own and realize the great value in having experts take over the planning and operations of a major trip. Plus, Zoom's team has extensive knowledge of the destinations, such as local guides, restaurants, outdoor activities, shopping venues, must-see theater, art galleries, and even relationships with local families who invite us into their homes. As guests of Zoom, we can take advantage of this wide range of experience and networking.”
~Taylor, Austin


“I love so many aspects of Zoom Vacations. To be honest, I spend my days in the office planning and meeting deadlines. Because of my work life, the last thing I want to do in my personal life is to plan...anything. I love the fact that Zoom Vacations takes care of the minutia and details for me. All I have to do is show up and enjoy myself.”
~Kevin, San Diego


“The New Years celebration not only lived up to our expectations, it exceeded them.”
~Kenny and Jamie, London


“Every leg of the trip was meticulously planned and the level of service was top notch. Whenever we travel now we try to use Bryan and Joel to plan "the event"
~Troy, DC


“I loved that everything was planned and taken care of for me. I was able to have a stressfree vacation, because Bryan and Joel not only took care of the major details of the vacation, but also the minor ones. They are amazing!”
~Chad, Chicago


““My favorite aspect of the trip was the people in the group, the tour guides, and the relaxed atmosphere of all the organized events. We have traveled with a large gay cruise company and there really is no comparison. The groups are much much larger, and I prefer the smaller group we had in Argentina. I really enjoyed the personal contact with Bryan and all the other people in the group. We really had a great group of people and really enjoyed ourselves.”
~Carl and Peter, Philadelphia


 “"I travel with Zoom Vacations because I just have to make one phone call, and it's done.”
~Dan, Los Angeles


“It was the perfect combination of activities/adventures and relaxation. The planned and highly organized excursions made them that much better. Having Bryan with us the entire trip put all worries at ease. “
~Matt, Chicago


“There are quite a few things that impressed me on the trip. Foremost I enjoyed the variety of people on the trip--guys from all ages, relationships, and parts of the country. There was never a dull moment with the group”
~Paul, Chicago


“I love how we are both well taken care of - from transportation to and from the airports, the luxury accommodations, the great restaurants and the amazing activities.”
~Steven, California


“They were extremely well organized. The activities were focused on the culture and the attention to detail (accommodations, transfers, tours and included meals) was phenomenal.”
~Aaron, California


“Every day was a highlight. Really! Some of the unscripted moments were the funniest, and even though we had a lot of events planned, everyone appreciated everything we did.”
~David, DC


“From my first phone conversation with Joel and Bryan, I perceived friendliness, professionalism, and a warmth that got my attention. I thought, if they sound this good, the tour has got to be dynamite. It was: maybe one of the greatest trips I've ever taken, and I have been a few places.”
~Larry, Los Angeles


“You offer the opportunity to travel worldwide with a fun group of gay men. We liked the idea of a fun trip that some else organized - we just had to buy our tickets”
~Ed, Arizona


“We had so much fun getting to know everyone. It may sound corny. But, a big part of why our experience was so much fun is directly related to the relationships we built with our fellow travelers. It made a huge difference to me to have the Zoom concierge service with us on the trip. For example, when the weather did not cooperate with our scheduled activities in Cairns, Zoom was quick to respond and create an alternate itinerary within a few hours. They really took care of us.”
~John, Phoenix


“I would tell anyone considering taking a Zoom Vacation to go for it. It is an amazing experience and it is the best way to experience the best of the place you are visiting in the most friendly, exclusive, efficient way.”
~Nati, Israel


“As a single traveler, Zoom made it so easy and comfortable for me. I did not meet a person on the trip I could not call a friend. The group was just the right size, and by the end of the first day everyone knew everyone. I can easily say, I have made friends through Zoom that I will have for many years to come.”


“I feel like I walked away richer than when I arrived.”
~Randy, DC


 “I love the adventure of exploring new places and meeting new people. I love learning new things and seeing the world through the eyes of different people. On this most recent trip to Africa my favorite moments involved connecting with people whether it was the kids at the village, the various rangers and tour guides, the dancers from the various groups we danced with or the actress/play write, event producer, or club owner we met in Cape Town.”
~Bill, DC


 “For those of you who are contemplating whether to take a group vacation or to venture out on your own, consider Zoom. It is the best way to travel! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, Zoom will take care of everything from soup to nuts! You can always opt out of a particular activity to do something on your own, but we decided not to, since we enjoyed the time with the group so much.”
~Michael, California


“The benefits of using Zoom were the following: 1) They chose gay-friendly destinations. 2) They booked the entire trip flowing from the moment we landed to the moment we left on the plane home. 3) They provided an itinerary that was designed around our needs and desires. 4) They gave us the best prices at the resorts due to continued business between Zoom and the places we stayed.”
~Jason, Chicago


“One of the great things about the Zoom trips is the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests. Whether it be at evening cocktails, dinners, or sight-seeing trips, those we met were friendly and interesting. We also met others in the course of the trip and still connect via email.”
~Tim, Chicago


“I went to Buenos Aires on my own a few months ago, and I realized how much better it is to go with Zoom. Zoom Vacations creates experiences with your travelers that I never would have found on my own, and that make the trips so incredible. Oh, and I would definitely recommend Zoom's trip to China. It was one of the best trip”
~Will, Los Angeles


“The trip exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived until the time we left we had a blast. It was so nice to be on such an amazing vacation and not have to worry about a single detail. We felt very "taken care of" the entire time.”
~Michael, Los Angeles


“I find travelling alone can be a little dull/lonely. There is NEVER a lonely moment in a Zoom group. You get all sorts of people that keep every moment lively. Equally - you can do your own thing when you want 'me' time”
~Julian, Sydney, Australia


“Traveling as part of a gay group was tons of fun. Everyone on the trip really wanted to be there - and experience Rio 100%. The guys on the trip loved life, and were open to meeting new people and experiencing new things together”
~Bob, NYC


“It made for one of the best birthdays ever.”
~Joe, NJ


“I think the best part of the safari is that it forces you to take 2 weeks off and disconnect from the entire world. Having an elephant walk by as you are taking a shower in your tent is really quite an experience.”
~James and Mark, Dallas


“From my arrival in Buenos Aires to the departing gate in Rio, I was consistently impressed that all of the travel details (big and small) were taken care of by Zoom Vacations. The itinerary was well planned and provided a broad range of activities to experience each city and Iguacu Falls.”
~Steven, NYC


“We've met interesting and fun travelers on every Zoom vacation that add a great component to each vacation experience. Also, the trips had wonderful, personalized service from start to finish.”
~George, California


“It was more exciting than I even thought it would be. The people and the atmosphere were electric!”
~Dan, Toronto


“We can't wait to see another part of the world with Zoom.”
~Bryan and Daniel, Portland


“The boat trip up the Nile was incredibly fun, it combined history, lounging, parties, shopping and sightseeing into a single experience.”
~Keith, NYC


“It seemed like our group struck a good vibe from the get-go and it was a very positive experience.”
~Brian and Brian, Chicago


“What I'll remember most about my trip was laughing so hard I thought I would pass out, laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face and this was with friends I had just met!”
~Bob, Phoenix


“Bryan and Joel make it fun, special and unique not only through their professionalism but through their personalities and their love of travel. It's not a trip with Zoom, it's truly an experience”
~Malcom and Steve, Miami


“It was so much fun to meet new friends and share the Madrid experience with them. Everyone got along well and we had a really great time.”
Carl, Atlanta


“I loved the fact that someone was taking care of all of the arrangements; and, I simply had to show up.”
~Kevin, San Diego


“I have had the pleasure of three more trips with Zoom. Two were on their mega yacht (Istanbul to Athens and Dubrovnik to Venice) and both were amazing experiences -a first class yacht and great destinations handled seamlessly by Zoom. The third was Zoom's trip to Buenos Aires, which was a revelation- truly the Paris of Latin America and I felt Zoom really packed the week with events that gave me a broad flavor of the city and its people.”
~Ernie, NYC


“I was traveling solo and was very nervous about being the "only single" on the trip, but I really never felt like that at all. It was really fun to make new friends from all over the country (and the world). I was able to make friends on this trip who I know will be friends for years to come.”
~Damion, Portland


“Zoom Vacations provided me with a turn key gay vacation. There's no way that I would have met as many friends and done such a wide variety of unique activities if I did the trip on my own.”
~Dan, Toronto


“The Copacabana Palace Magic Ball was a great event. The venue, costumes and the great fellow Zoom travelers that I had the pleasure to attend with made the event a hit!”
~Justin, Angola


“My favorite part of the Zoom Rio trip was the fact that I didn't have to think about anything or worry about seeing the city as it was all taken care of- we were shown the best of the city and had options to compliment the trip. The knowledge of the city by the Zoom hosts made it so easy.”
~Gary, Sydney, Australia


“Our favorite part was meeting new people and getting to know them and new places together. We travel frequently as a couple, but there was something about traveling with a small group of people that became like family by the end of the trip that is really comforting, and of course having Australia as a back drop is pretty damn spectacular.”
~Marty and Barlow, Atlanta


“Zoom has been unbelievably helpful with helping me travel as a vegan. Having gone with Zoom to Peru/Macchu Picchu, and Buenos Aires/Iguacu Falls, they called ahead- months in advance- to notify the staff at the hotels and restaurants and to get alternate menu options created. Zoom was in touch with me in the weeks leading up to each trip to make sure that I knew what to expect at each venue and location and I was always presented with menu options before leaving on the trip. During the trip, Bryan and Joel were careful to check in with me at each venue and make sure that things were served and offered as promised. I think the nicest part about this, though, is that because they did all of the work on this in advance, I got to enjoy the experience of arriving at a location with the group, simply being discretely identified to the servers, and had my meal served alongside everyone else. I was not made to feel separate or different or somehow like a sideshow and I was able to remain "part of the group" without having to feel like my dietary needs were somehow difficult or on display at eat meal. The discretion made this an even more memorable experience.”
~Ethan and Michael, New Jersey


“Bryan Herb was our big hearted tour leader from Zoom Vacations, and made sure that there was some surprise or gift waiting for us before we began each day's adventures. Bryan took great care of all our needs and made our 24th anniversary one that we will always cherish.”
~Kirk, San Francisco


“I was really pleasantly surprised to find our travel group was small and really gave everyone a chance to get to know one another.”
~Matthew, San Francisco


“The camaraderie and friendships that were formed. Because Zoom had taken care of every little detail from start to finish, it was easy to just relax and have a good time wherever we were with a group of like-minded travelers.”
~Grey, Amsterdam


“There is no way we would have been able to have as much fun if we went just by ourselves. Traveling to Madrid with Zoom allowed us to meet all the other great guys on the tour, go to private parties, hit all the hot spots of the city, and have our own personal concierge, Joel!”
~Matt and George, Chicago


“The staff at Zoom take a personal interest in their travelers. As a solo traveler, I really felt like I was travelling with friends rather than a business. There is always a surprise waiting for you or a personal touch to make your trip special. Having a Zoom concierge, in addition to a guide, is a real plus!”
~Jim, Chicago


“We have traveled many times together in groups, but this was the first time we ever went with a 'Gay' Tour group. It was the best by far!”
~Tracy and Lisa, Massachusetts


“The atmosphere is so laid back and relaxed that it is easy to open up and be friendly with everyone. The first night there is usually some sort of meet and greet and it sets the tone for the entire trip. On the special excursions we experience the fun together and it binds us together as a group long after the trip is over. I still get together with some of the Zoom travelers every chance I get.”
~Chase, Chicago


“I didn't know anyone on the trip when I left Chicago, but found my first Zoom friends before I even landed in Stockholm. We were sitting next to each other on final leg of our flight in! By the end I got to know everyone on the trip. I was so happy to have met a wonderful group of friends with whom I will be connected my whole life.”
~Zach, Chicago


“I didn't know what the country would be like but I knew the trip would be great! It's a Zoom trip! But seriously, I knew that Zoom had done their research and would have an amazing trip planned, as well as excellent recommendations for outings on our own.”
~Kip and Neal, Chicago


“After having done the trip this way, I can't imagine having done it any other way. It was my first organized small-group trip and our group was amazing”
~Julius, Orlando


“I had for years wanted to visit Tikal and Antigua, and taking a trip with a group of gay men seemed like the perfect solution. We always felt comfortable. It was very reassuring to know that hotels, restaurants, means of transportation, and sites had been carefully selected so that we could have a great trip.”
~Patrick and Karl, NYC


“Joel's amazing "Signature Zoom Event" of having champagne and great food at one of the towers on the Great Wall was an event that I will never forget.”
~John, Miami


 “OK, the service was ridiculous..... ridiculously good. Is there such a thing as being overaccommodating? HAHA. If I set my napkin down on the table after wiping my lip, it was back in my lap before I could say "another martini please"....along with another martini. How'd they know? They so get me.”
~Jerry, NJ


“The Cuban people; amazing. La Habana; unbelievable, crumbling, magnificent splendor. Old cars! If you're into mint condition 1950's automobiles, Cuba is your dream come true! The fantasy city of Trinidad; like living in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.”
~Bill, San Antonio


 “Zoom worked out the logistics beautifully, which is very difficult to do in most Latin American countries. This is easy to take for granted for those who live in a country where everything is convenient, we have many options, and everything "Works". Not so in Cuba, but Joel made sure we had a flawless trip.”
~Angel, DC


“Nothing is ever going to beat the safari lodge that we enjoyed with Zoom. So relaxing and energizing.”
~Andrew and Jamie, Philadelphia


“I have made friends from around the country on these tours. Taking a trip with someone else can be a real test of compatibility. This is probably the most surprising part of the Zoom experience. That one can enjoy a new culture and conclude the trip with friends and contacts who will stay with you for many years to come.”
~James, NYC


“The group of people that I shared this experience with were all so different and interesting and fun! I do keep in touch, and hope to for a long time.”
~Patrick, LA


“We were using this trip as a belated celebration for our 10th anniversary but I had no idea that Terry was planning to propose at Machu Picchu.”
~Andy and Terry, Arlington, VA


“I had the pleasure of Bryan's company in Australia and Joel's in South America. These gentlemen ensured genuinely worryfree trips. The accommodations, group dinners, cocktail parties, organized tours, suggestions for free time, and small personal touches made both trips first class all the way. Not to mention the generous time and attention given in helping me prepare for each trip as well.”
~Roger, DC


“A highlight of the trip was when we were all in the boat going under the incredible thunderous Water Falls, laughing just really enjoying and sharing in the moment. Had I not traveled with Zoom I would have missed out on some incredible times with new friends and a lot of laughs! The camaraderie felt great!”
~Dave, NYC


"I loved the fact that I didn’t have to do a lot of work. Zoom handles the hard stuff so that you can relax. I also liked the fact that you tend to meet nice people on the Zoom vacations. Zoom attracts a fantastic group of guys."
~Brandon, D



Air: International and domestic airfare not included.

Passports: Your valid passport should have at least two blank pages and should be valid for at least six months after your planned departure from the country you are visiting.

Visas: Please note that currently US citizens must have a Visa to enter Nepal. If you are not a US citizen, please contact your nearest Nepalese Consulate to determine your visa requirements.

While Zoom Vacations will assist when possible, please note that passport, visa, and vaccination requirements vary from country to country and are the sole responsibility of the traveler. If you are a US resident, you may click here for more information on passport, visa, and vaccination requirements for various countries..

*Land only Introductory rate, based on double occupancy. Prices are subject to change. Need a roommate? Zoom Vacations® is happy to match you with someone, at no additional charge. Or, you may pay a single supplement and go as a single.

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