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Day One ~ Negombo

ARRIVAL IN SRI LANKA AND TRANSFER TO NEGOMBO (Drive time - Colombo - Negombo - 50 Mins)

Upon arrival and following the airport reception, direct transfer to Negombo. Located within a fairly close range to Bandaranaike International Airport, Negombo is a small fishing village transformed to a state-of-the-art beach town and was also the cinnamon hub during the Dutch Colonization.

With quite an attractive beach and a pictorial lagoon watch how Negombo dishes out some of the luscious seafood found around the country. You can even grab your kite board for an enthralling cruise over crashing waves. Traverse along the paths to experience the settings of a georgic fishing village and livelihood, followed by a heritage walk along the busy streets explaining the Dutch and Portuguese architecture.

Enjoy a tasteful welcome beach dinner. Savor the Sri Lankan flavors while enjoying a soothing evening in the beach.

Accommodations: Heritance Negombo
Meals Included: Welcome Dinner


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

After Breakfast transfer to Anuradhapura. (Drive time - Negombo - Anuradhapura - 3 Hrs 45 Mins)

Commanding a rich Sri Lankan heritage, Anuradhapura – one of the greatest and oldest civilization in the world starring 113 kings and spanning over 1300 years in its peak, vows of being the greatest city of ancient Sri Lanka following its reign as the first capital.

The sapphire of its crown is certainly Sri Maha Bodhi, which has the oldest recorded tree in the world, the sacred BO sapling extracted from the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.  Stroll through the sacred trails of the venerated city to adore the legacy that interweaves Ruwanweliseya, a stupa in Sri Lanka, considered a marvel for its architectural qualities and sacred to many Buddhists all over the world. The heritage, supremacy and culture arguably make Anuradhapura the strongest kingdom of Sri Lanka.

Accommodations: Ulagalla Resort
Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch 


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

(Drive time - Anuradhapura - Ritigala - 1 Hr) (Ritigala - Minneriya 30 mins)

After having breakfast transfer to Ritigala : the trekking paradise where architecture and history abound. The strict natural reserve resting calmly in its grandeur is basically a forest monastery.

In the evening visit Minneriya National Park. If you're up for a serious rumble in the jungle, then Minneriya is your Colosseum! Spreading over 8800 hectares, this is a sanctuary for elephants. Minneriya is home to herds of deer and ample birdlife, but its spotlight remains between swaying trunks & flapping ears. Park your jeep on the bank of the reservoir and switch off its engine.

Watch carefully as herds of elephants - one by one - roll on to the grass-covered banks, to feed on tender shoots. In fact, this is the largest elephant gathering in the world - over 300 at a time - which has garnished the park to become a magnet for wildlife enthusiasts across the globe.

Accommodations: Ulagalla Resort
Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch 


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

(Drive time - Ulagalla- Polonnaruwa - 1 Hr 40 Mins) (Polonnaruwa - Sigiriya - 1 Hr 15 Mins)

Channel your spirituality and inner peace with a tranquil morning yoga session in the hotel garden. Rise and shine for a spiritual awakening in a heavenly surrounding.

Arrive at Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Breathtaking journey to Sigiriya Fortress. The 5th century rock citadel of King Kasyapa and World Heritage Site - Sigiriya - doesn't only boasts of ancient Sri Lankan engineering and urban planning supremacy but also acclaims to be one of the finest monuments of art and culture. Step through the gigantic "Lion Paws" overlooking the symmetrical royal gardens below - to comprehend the absolute splendour that once dominated this rock fortress. Walk in the shades of an eminent "Mirror Wall" embracing the western face of Sigiriya, with artistic laminated ancient graffiti, hundred of meters long.

Arrive at the Second Kingdom - Polonnaruwa

Transfer from Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa. The city of Polonnaruwa remains superior proof of ancient culture and heritage blended with religious beliefs.

A harmonious cycle ride through the beckoning streets and scattered walls of the World Heritage site - blessed by stupas, resting Buddha statues, irrigation canals and fantastically carved Hindu sculptures - while observing the relic house - Watadage- which boasts of beautiful stone carvings.

Take a close glance and you will realize a subtle Hindu influence on architecture and statutes found in Polonnaruwa. Or sit by the side of Gal Vihara and observe the absolute beauty gushing out of every bend of its huge Buddhist Statues.

Nissankamalla Council Chamber is however, a head-spinning beauty to just sit back and observe with its swaying pillars reminding the aesthetics of a powerful kingdom which rests beside Parakrama Samudraya - sea of Parakramabahu and masterpiece of irrigation!

Accommodations: Ulagalla Resort
Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch 


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

(Drive time - Kandalama- Hiriwadunna - 30 Mins) (Hiriwadunna - Matale - 1 Hr 30 Mins) (Matale - Kandy - 1 Hr 20 Mins)

Hiriwadunna Village Trek Expedition

After having breakfast, pay a visit to Hiriwadunna village track to experience a true Sri Lankan village life. Partake in a blissful visit to the village temple, accompanied by a private blessing and devotional alms-giving. Engage in an authentic Sri Lankan culinary experience, followed by a traditional village customs.

Arriving at Matale - Visit a Spice plantation

Matale seldom drops off the map due to its remarkable contribution through flagship spice crops on the island.

Visit the spiritual city of Kandy

Thereafter, transfer to Kandy, last ruled by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe - before it was brought under the British rule in 1815.  Kandy is a World Heritage Site and the last royal capital of Sri Lankan Kings, crafting an array of culture, history and heritage, and attracting visitors from across the globe.

Experience an ancient Kandyan Legacy engraved around its crown jewel, the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. A stroll across the small lakeside town - cradled among the misty hills - will feature the Kandy City Center, as well as a gem museum from tea, rubber and vegetables to spices.

Stop by a spice and Ayurvedic garden - into which you will observe the therapeutic values of spices and processes over a refreshing cup of herbal tea! You will likely leave, surprised by the treatments provided by Sri Lankan Ayurveda.

Time permitting, we will stroll through fresh fruits and vegetables in the Kandyan Market.

Accommodations: King's Pavilion
Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch 


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

(Drive Time - Kandy - Peradeniya - 20 Mins) (Peradeniya 2 Hrs 10 Mins)

Take a walk in the Peradeniya Gardens

First developed as a pleasure garden under royalty and later harmonized by the British, the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya is a flourishing national asset in the Wonder of Asia. Walk into this 147 acre bliss of an experience, passing well-tended lawns, pavilions and an octagon conservatory.   You will be greeted by the vast expanse of a magnificently landscaped lush green turf which will encourage you immerse yourself in the beauty around you, and enjoy the moment.

Arriving at Hatton, Tea Region

Surrounded by number of waterfalls: St. Claire's Falls, Devon Falls, Laxapana Falls - Hatton gives you the vacation you were looking for. Hatton is surrounded by vast tea estates that carpet the rolling hills.  To the south east stands the curious pyramidal bulk of Adam's Peak, which is a focal point for Pilgrims.

Enjoy the lush green bushels of Tea Plantations - Enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan cup of Tea

The tour further gives you the opportunity of experiencing the lifestyle of the plantation community.  

Spend 2 days in Hatton while enjoying this cool soothing climate.

Accommodations:  Bungalows
Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch 


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

Today we take a break from active touring to simply enjoy the beauty of the area. Day is at leisure to soak in the cool soothing climate and your stunning surroundings.

Accommodations:  Bungalows
Meals Included: Breakfast


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

Arrive at Galle

Galle city tour - Galle Fort

Galle, the epic Southern capital, is the intersection where classic Dutch architecture meets a tropical setting creating a vivid atmosphere in beauty. Walk the Dutch-haunted streets, listening to the creaks of wooden saloon doors and observe how European architecture mingles with South Asian traditions. Its original ramparts and bastions preserved up to date showcase evidences of a heritage preserved for more than 3 1⁄2 centuries. Walk clockwise within the fort to observe the 'old gate' carrying the British coat of arms. Flanking the old gate is the Zwart bastion - the oldest of all - and the lighthouse standing 18 feet in its glory next to the Point Utrecht Bastion. This Dutch bliss is painted with streets that spread in a rectangular grid pattern pierced with houses carrying Dutch colonial style verandas. Hop into the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex to be mesmerized by an array of souvenir selections. The Dutch fort remains a working community with its usual buzz of administrative offices, court complex, commercial buildings, churches and Southern folks frequenting its streets, bracing the air of the Elysium of architecture, Galle!

Accommodations: Galle Fort Hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

Spend the day at leisure in Galle.

Accommodations: Galle Fort Hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

After breakfast drive to Colombo. This throbbing metropolis - located in the West - is not only the country's commercial capital, but also the turbine that impels above 50% of the national GDP flanking Colombo's fancy urban development effort.

Colombo City Tour

Drive along the clean streets edging the crystal white Race Course - horse racing hub in 1893 and World War II airstrip - furnished today with lavish clothing, food, and tea boutiques. Meanwhile, ride to Pettah and tune into the Floating Market - an offbeat shopping experience - or feel the buzz surrounding the upcoming inspiration, the Colombo Port City- an offshore city - featuring parks, commercial complexes and even an F1 track. Proceed along Bauddhaloka Mawatha towards 'Arcade' facing the historic Independence Square.

Every designer boutique, top-notch cuisine outlet and even the 'walk-over fish tank', have revamped this colonial masterpiece into one of the trendiest shopping and hangout zones in Colombo. Have a chilled beer at the Dutch Hospital while gazing through fancy windows showcasing best fashion, jewellery & handicraft brands.

Smell the scent of incense while listening to the chiming bells of Gangarama temple. Or, jazz up to Colombo's night life spiced by night clubs & casinos that borderline its bustle. If you're lucky, head into an exhibition at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) before swaying your head to an opera or play at Nelum Pokuna that should just drive your day into perfection!

Evening: Enjoy our "Until Next Time" event.

Accommodations: Galle Face Hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Enjoy breakfast (included) at the hotel

Meals Included: Breakfast


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