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Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu
November 21-28, 2015
8 days from only $4999*

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Named by Out Traveler magazine as one of the Top 10 Trips to Change Your Life!

Thanksgiving on the Orient Express through the Andes!

For thousands of years, Peru's extraordinary beauty has been both the backdrop of incredible cultural and spiritual expression, and a pallet for architectural artists.

Your journey will take you through the cultural heart of Lima, charming Cusco, and the Valley of the Incas (all world heritage sites). But perhaps what will impress and inspire you most is your visit to one of the world's most important archeological sites: the ancient mystical city of Machu Picchu.

Many visitors to Machu Picchu report a strange energy they feel, walking among the ruins. Perhaps it's simply the beauty of the Inca's mass stone structures set atop high mountains over the winding Urubamba River below. Or, perhaps it is the leftover blessings of an ancient Inca Priest.

Whatever it may be, nothing can truly prepare oneself for the "magic" of Machu Picchu.

Join our post-trip to Lake Titicaca.

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Package Highlights:

• Services of a Zoom Concierge throughout your trip.

• Tour of the city of Lima.

• Thanksgiving dinner event at an historic mansion in Cusco.

• Lunch and tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including several fascinating Inca sites.

• Several meals while in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a la carte!

• ALL meals while at Machu Picchu, a la carte!

• Unforgettable gourmet lunch at a private Hacienda, featuring breathtaking views of the valley. This magical estate is not open to the public.

• Orient Express transport to Machu Picchu

• Entrance fee for visiting Machu Picchu.

• High Tea at the Orient Express Sanctuary Lodge

• Round trip Orient-Express train journey to Machu Picchu complete with cocktails and a gourmet dinner. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

• Tours of the magical city of Cusco, including visits to an ancient Inca sun temple.

• A visit to the best silver shop and factory in South America.

• Optional dinner and visit to a 4th century archeological site in Lima.

• Optional rare orchid tour on the private grounds of the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel.

• Optional excursions such as white-water rafting, horseback riding, private pre-Columbian art collections and much more!

• All breakfasts and transfers.

• As with all Zoom Vacations®, several trip-enhancing surprises

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Luxury Accommodations:

Orient Express Miraflores Park Plaza, 5 star, 2 nights
• Aranwa Resort and Spa, 5 star, 2 nights

• Machu Picchu Pueblo, deluxe boutique, 1 night
Orient Express Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Orient-Express, 5 star, 2 nights

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Air: International and domestic airfare not included.

Passports: Your valid passport should have at least two blank pages and should be valid for at least six months after your planned departure from the country you are visiting.

While Zoom Vacations will assist when possible, please note that passport, visa, and vaccination requirements vary from country to country and are the sole responsibility of the traveler. If you are a US resident, you may click here for more information on passport, visa, and vaccination requirements for various countries.

*Land only Introductory rate, based on double occupancy. Prices are subject to change. Need a roommate? Zoom Vacations® is happy to match you with someone, at no additional charge. Or, you may pay a single supplement and go as a single.

Please read Terms and Conditions prior to booking.


Lake Titicaca Add-on Trip

November 28 to 30, 2015
Three days from $1,299


Based on popular demand we have created a Peru post trip extension to Lake Titicaca, one of the most culturally and architecturally stunning areas of Peru that does not disappoint.

We fly to Lake Titicaca where we will take a motor boat trip to some of the more unique islands of Lake Titicaca, starting with the utterly fascinating  Uros Islands.  These islands are completely man made, and its inhabitants continue to maintain them as they have since pre-Columbian times, using Totora reeds from the lake.

Also, we will visit to the awe-inspiring Chullpas of Sillustani, where the ancient Aymaras used to bury their high priests in cylinder-shaped rock tombs. 

View photos from our trips to Peru.


Package Highlights:

• Services of a Zoom Concierge throughout your trip.

• All breakfasts and land transfers.

• Full Day Tour of Lake Titicaca, and its floating inhabited islands.

Tour the mystic, mysterious, awe-inspiring Chullpas of Sillustani.

• Lunch on Taquile Island, which is inhabited by Quechua speaking natives who have developed both an efficient and original social system and a fine hand weaving technique over several generations.

• As with all Zoom Vacations®, several trip-enhancing surprises

Luxury Accommodations:

• Casa Andina Private Collection, 5 stars, 2 nights


Zoom Vacations® Peru Tour

This video is just a taste of what you can experience on Zoom Peru!

Testimonials From Past Zoom Peru Vacations

Thank you so much for the most amazing vacation every in the history of the world.  John and I had a wonderful time and I can’t thank you enough for helping him plan our trip to Peru.  I have told all of my friends about our trip and the great job you both did at planning all of the details!  I will treasure the memories, the people, and the experience forever!  While I can’t express in words the experience, I think you both know how much I enjoyed my time with you and our new friends in Peru. Again, thank you!!!

Mark, San Francisco: Zoom Peru Vacation


I am still riding on the high from the trip. It was fabulous.

Peru really was magical for me. When you've wanted to go somewhere for such a long time, there is a chance that you will be let down or that your expectations have ballooned too high. That didn't happen - I came in hoping for the moon and I got it. You guys were great, and Laura was a fantastic guide -- I burst out crying when I said good-bye to her. And what a great group of fellow travelers, too -- I've been traveling alone for the past couple of years; it was delightful to meet new people and make good friends. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Antay, Minneapolis: Zoom Peru Vacation


Adrian and I had the most exciting and energizing trip ever.   We truly admire the organization and the endless details provided by both of you throughout our trip. We are definitely hooked on Zoom Vacations®......
We had the opportunity to come in contact with a fascinating culture, food and an extremely harmonious group of people.   For all of that and more, THANK YOU.   We can't wait to book another trip, the problem is deciding where...  Decision, Decisions..... 
Thanks again 

Leonel and Adrian, San Bernardino, CA: Zoom Peru Vacation


Thanks again for putting together such a great trip to Peru.  I had a blast and I really appreciate all the hard work each of you put into making it all go so smoothly.

I'm looking forward to keeping up with everybody.

James, Washington DC : Zoom Peru Vacation


Thanks so much for an amazing trip. You and Joel are really a class act. Your love of travel and of the destinations you choose shows in all of the careful choosing of activities and venues, and in the incredible execution. Managing 30 'mos ain't easy! It was a truly memorable trip and is sure to be just the second of many.

Steve , New York City: Zoom Peru Vacation


Both Tim and I feel so privileged having had this opportunity to experience a Zoom Vacation, enjoying the bonding, and most important, to now call you both friends.

Tony, Boca Raton: Zoom Peru Vacation


We do not want to let any more time pass by without telling you guys our feeling about our trip to Peru in November of last year.

For a long time, Guillermo and I decided to always travel on our own, because the conveniences and flexibility of doing so. We also had had experiences of tour travels that we did not find to our satisfaction. Last November and at the last moment, we decided to call “Zoom Vacations®” and booked your tour Peru. Little did we know, that it was going to be one of the best trips we have ever had.

You guys are right on the mark. Everything, from the selection of hotels, choice of restaurants, organizing of land tours, personal care of your clients …. was done to perfection. Everything was so meticulously done ….. from small details (such as, after you noticed I was not feeling well and you got me, without my asking, a special meal at the train), to the most lavish of your affairs (The dinner at the house of Aliagas!!).

Furthermore the group of people you were able to put together in this tour was wonderful. I wish we were able to travel with all of them in some of your future trips.

We are HOOKED on Zoom Vacations® forever!!!!

Let us congratulate you for such perfection and by our patronage we hope to do our part in assuring the existence of your business for many years to come.

Thank you for such a wonderful trip!

Guillermo and Guillermo, Miami: Zoom Peru Vacation


Tom and I would like to thank you for a wonderfully planned trip.  We particularly loved the Machu Picchu visit, Poli collection, and Monasterio stay.  Sonia and Laura made learning about Peruvian culture and Incan history and legends enjoyable.  Of course, the shopping was great for Tom.  We got some nice cuzqueña paintings and several folk art pieces that our friends will surely enjoy.

A special thanks to you for the numerous gestures that made us feel special and pampered.  Your attention to detail reminds us of a billboard we read in Lima, «La calidad es medida por los gestos pequeños»  The following details were specifically special:  arranging for someone to pick us up at the Lima airport, the chocolate we got in Lima, the chankas, our names printed on the Pisco bottle gift, train meal adjustments, and taking care of the airport taxes.  Your hotel and restaurant selections  were extraordinary.

We truly enjoyed our trip and wish you the best you can wish for for the holidays and the coming year.

Félix and Tom, San Antonio: Zoom Peru Vacation


Peru was a fantastic experience!  All the activities were planned out with great detail and the hotels were amazing!  Each one kept getting better and better.  I have been on several Zoom Vacations® but this one was one of the best!  Great job Bryan and Joel for making this another unforgettable adventure!

Craig and David, Washington, DC: Zoom Peru Vacation


Dear Joel,

After returning home I couldn't let another day go by without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for all you and Zoom did to orchestrate a completely flawless vacation.
The hotels, the unique restaurants and the tours could not have been better. But the part that blew me away was the attention to detail and the level of service you provided. You are without a doubt the most gracious of hosts.
In a world where most companies overpromise, hats off to you for creating a business that actually overdelivers. I will recommend Zoom to all my friends with confidence that they will experience the gold standard of traveling and look forward to future vacations with Zoom.

Jim, LA: Zoom Peru Vacation


With Zoom Vacations®, I found a wonderful group of like minded friends, in whom I established new and wonderful friendships.  At first, I was a bit timid about going on vacation by myself, not knowing anyone.  However, this feeling was dispelled the moment I entered the airport to leave and was warmly greeted by Zoom Vacations® and introduced to my new traveling companions.  Needless to say, the following days were filled with enjoyment and relaxation, as well as adventure.

The most wonderful part of traveling with Zoom Vacations® was the beauty and the simplicity.  That is to say, the activities were planned out and exciting, from visiting historic parts of ancient cities in Peru, to the climbing to the top of Machu Picchu, to the elegance of the dinner arrangements and the wonderful Accommodations. Our vacation included horse back riding, tours of ancient ruins, an authentic Incan priest and rituals, as well as exciting white water rafting.  Truly a vacation for any and all.

Sometimes you go on vacation looking to get away, and you come back having found yourself. Without question I will travel again AND AGAIN with Zoom Vacations®.

Paul, Chicago: Zoom Peru Vacation


The trip was wonderful and I am so glad I was able to join at the last moment. Thanks for all of your extra efforts to make the trip a success. Hope to join you on another Zoom vacation!

Scott, NYC: Zoom Peru Vacation


To say that the March trip to Peru was a life changing experience is not an exaggeration! From the first day everything was better than anticipated. After 26 years of traveling as a couple with my partner, this was the first trip I have taken alone.

I immediately felt a part of the group and I know that the tour director [Bryan] had a lot to do with the way we all came together as a group with no one feeling isolated. The entire itinerary was a wonderful display of a beautiful country. The balance of activities and free time was perfect. I especially like the morning schedule. We actually had time to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

I delayed writing this so it wouldn’t be knee-jerk enthusiasm. After several weeks I still feel every part of this trip was worth every dime. And it truly did change me. I came home with a new confidence and comfort in being a single man. I will love my late partner forever, but only now do I feel I can enjoy all the things we used to enjoy together and really move on in life.

Again, Bryan, thank you and the Zoom Vacations® staff for putting together such a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to another Zoom Vacation!

Patrick, N. Minneapolis: Zoom Peru Vacation

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